Slysoft offers 20% Halloween discount

I just posted the article Slysoft offers 20% Halloween discount.

Slysoft, well known for its Disc duplication and backup software suites and its ability to overcome various CD and DVD Audio, Movie and Game copy protection systems, is already celebrating…

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Seems a little expensive, even with the discount. I haven’t checked but, doesn’t, 1 Click DVD Copy 5 Pro, support HD and Blue Ray? And it would cost much less. Then there is DVDFAB Decrypter Platinum for $49.00, which has additional modes that CloneDVD2 does not. Nero 8, for $79.00, and DVDFAB Free version, work well together. Not to mention all the free trail stuff out there on sites like Some pretty good freeware CD/DVD Backup programs, which do a very good job, as well. Happy Holloween! :X

Arn’t they always having a 20 percent off sale? :slight_smile: I still haven’t come across a DVD that good old dvd decrypter can’t rip, and imgburn burns just fine :slight_smile:

The above is the perfect example of: IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY THEN DON’T !! Dumb arses