Slysoft offers $10 discount on all its products to CD Freaks visitors

I just posted the article Slysoft offers $10 discount on all its products to CD Freaks visitors.

 Anyone that has purchased or is planning to purchase            Slysoft products can  now get a $10 discount on them by using a promotion code. Everyone entering  cdfreaks on  the Personal...
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thats actually very cool, there should be a banner on this site permenantly or something with this info and links to slysoft. olli is a legend! hope him and dvdjon can crack hd-dvd and blue-ray protections when they are out.

I am sure they are making a s**t load of money now that LIGHTNING UK! has been shutdown. My money would have been on Decrypter breaking any new protections to come. Maybe Slysoft should look him up and offer him a job!

nah! you’ve got to buy all products. I was planning to buy only anydvd because clonecd/dvd shucks. I hope slysoft realizes that not all the people need all their products, but a discount for each one sold separately would rock! Cheers! :wink:

You can also purchase them seperately. Just click this link and uncheck the software you don’t want.

how do I get discount? where is personal information page? thanks.

just click on the buy now button and it will open :wink:

I purchased CloneDVD2 during the 3 day period this past week-end when the discount was, for some unknown reason, discontinued and not available.:frowning: On Sunday or Monday, they re-instated it. I emailed SlySoft who responded and promptly refunded me $10 on my credit card.:B