Slysoft offers $10 discount on all its products to CD Freaks visitors *reminder*

I just posted the article Slysoft offers $10 discount on all its products to CD Freaks visitors reminder.

As we had such
an overwhelming response of many, many members who decided that this ia great
opportunity to purchase this software we post it again to remind those who
missed it.Anyone that…

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Take them up on it People these are the people who create the products that you love the MPAA And RIAA hates.( I don’t work for them)
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umm doesn’t dvddecrpyter and dvd shrink pretty much do the same thing for free? As far as I recall dvd clone doesn’t use CCE, so it probably isn’t any better then dvd shrink. DVD decrypter might be out of print, but its easy enough to find on google, and it still decryts dvd’s just fine. why pay for stuff, when theres good freeware around? :slight_smile:

Because these softwares from Slysoft are still being developed and they need money to keep going. DVD Shrink has not had an update for a long time and DVD Decrypter has been killed by the MPAA or Macrovision or someone. But, I must agree with you that those programs you mention are excellent.

AnyDVD+CloneDVD may not be the best quality option. But they are fairly good quality, fast, and easy to use. This is what the bulk of users want. Ben

AnyDVD is the best nothing comes close as quality

“why pay for stuff, when theres good freeware around?” Because there is no good freeware that is still being developed DVDshrink can’t handle many of the newer protection DVD’s. DVDdecrypter will fall behind the other players very soon.

Isn’t AnyDVD and CloneDVD standard on each pc ? :stuck_out_tongue:
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When does this code expire?

Likely very soon. I haven’t had an update from Slysoft yet but the original idea was to have it last two weeks.

“Because there is no good freeware that is still being developed” There is, it’s called DVDFab Decrypter, have a look here:

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I didnt break any law. So whats your problem? It was just a little hint to give your users the chance to save some money. This is neither illegal nor forbidden. It should be your INTENTION. So Cdfreaks disappointed me. Really. Just because its not ‘cdfreaks’ but ‘*****’. You guys should think about your way of threatening your users (especially me…).
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As you know the sales generated with the coupon are counted, obviously we are not going to credit you for sales made through our website. Of course our users are very important, but in this case our users are not harmed as they get the same discount using our coupon code already. This is easy to understand for everyone and if you want to discuss it further feel free to send me an email (jw[nospam],

AnyDVD all the way its a very good program and costs very little and does a great job for backing up your dvds

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