Slysoft makes Blu-ray DRM update obsolete

I just posted the article Slysoft makes Blu-ray DRM update obsolete.

The Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator has once again started one of their ‘proactive renewals’. Many owners of high-definition media don’t know what to do if they can not…

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BruHAHAHHAHAHH! :B I wonder how the studio “suits” like this? Down with DRM- resistance is futile. Rotfl. Well done Slysoft!! :X :*
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If Slysoft is the only solution then it’s a much easier target for the industry to deal with. All it takes is enough money. To truly have a permanent solution to DRM restrictions there needs to be several independent developers.

Agreed. At least everyone knows the protections saddled upon Bluray are defeatable. Maybe more solutions will come along soon.

What was it that Scotty said? The more they overtake the plumbing (DRM), the easier it is to stop up the drain. - Star Trek Movie #3, I believe.

Hats off to Slysoft! You guys are faster than I expected! :slight_smile:

Slysoft RULES!!!.. .When are the ‘suits’ gonna learn they are just sticking their heads further down the toilet with each step they take by trying to screw the public! :r