SlySoft launches AnyDVD HD (for HD DVD decryption)



I just posted the article SlySoft launches AnyDVD HD (for HD DVD decryption).

Despite SlySoft only recently requesting beta testers for a beta version of its AnyDVD HD software, the package has already become retail. However, it sells at a US$30 premium over its standard…

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Right on. That should get things going. I might buy a HD DVD player before the summer. :slight_smile:


well, now the HD formats are garanteed to survive, probably both. Or whoever offers cheaper media and drives :B


Do you know why Slysoft is not offering this fantastic AnyDVD HD tool to the Mac OS-X platform users?


How the hell did they do that so fast? Insider knowledge?


@ zag2me Magic beans, young grasshopper. :+


cantarito: Its not available for MacOSX probably due to two reasons. 1. Windows is still the major OS accounting for over 90% of PC’s 2. OSX/Linux can run this fine with Wine/VMWare/Parallels, so they don’t have to do native ports.


How come the MPAA lawyers haven’t shut this down. GWB to delare war on these Irish terrorists??