SlySoft helps disable BD-Live security issue

I just posted the article SlySoft helps disable BD-Live security issue.

A few years after the Sony rootkit scandal in which an antipiracy technology installed rootkits on PCs of Sony BMG music, it seems that Sony is again in the spotlight for all the wrong security…

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Sony invading our privacy? C’mon! :Z

@Hypnosois That better be sarcasm…cause if not…you are truely blind

@ vikampion

I’m pretty sure he’s kidding. That pic of Pac-Man puking his guts out was my first hint.

All I can say is buy an internal Blu-ray drive and rip those movies to a networked media tank (NMT). Nothing Sony does any more surprises me. It’s disgusting what they try to pull over our eyes.

Don’t forget- Sony probably got paid to add this “service” for it’s REAL customers - the content provider. The end user is just a criminal in their eyes and needs to be monitored and controlled. Also, they did so, using your purchase, your equipment and your Internet connection! YOU are paying to get spied on! Still want a bluray? rolls eyes

I have BD-Live disabled and refuse to use it as I was thinking that this may happen (sticks on the alluminum foil over head now). But the average Joe doesn’t know they can disable this feature. Thank god for Slysoft’s AnyDVD HD. I bet the studios will get the players an update to tell if the video is a backup or a home movie and then disable playback on the backups.

Go here for the original story/release.

There are other humorous scenarios on the forum also.

If this wasn’t so scary it would be almost funny.