Slysoft Has Some Company!

Hey Slysoft, looks like you have some company in the battle with the media industry. He/she goes by the name viodentia and MicroSoft hates them. Viodentia has developed a small piece of software called FairUse4MV that strips the DRM out of any audio or video file.

Here’s a link to the most recient version.

Maybe you two should join forces!

no offense to you as I know you’re probably just trying to spread some information about a new program, but a lot of people will not download .zip files from a forum.

if there’s a website for this program though I’m sure many more people would be happy to chekc it out :slight_smile:

There are some download links listed in the FairUse4WM thread at the Doom9 forum. (found with google). One of those links is the same as the one posted above.

I have no experience with this program, so this is just FYI.

Downloading something from the Internet is always at your own risk. :wink:

No. This applies to Windows Media DRM only.