Slysoft Discount/Registration

Hi :slight_smile:
Lots of folks seem to get probs lately Just thought I’d let everyone know that yesterday I ordered CloneCD (it’s not a program that I have used :doh: / but thought with discount give it a go) based on the results with AnyDVD & CloneDVD
Order successful @06:01:12 approx
Recieved confirmation with 10% discount + key @06:03:12
Installed & running no probs @06:05:17
Thanks to all at Slysoft :bow: (I may even use it regularly now :iagree: )

Glad to see that like myself, you had no problems ordering stuff from Slysoft - normally people only post to complain!!

Hi :slight_smile:
abrown 15 :iagree:
Hence this post perhaps it could start a trend in being positive

So hip hip hooray for any who contributes to these forums positively

Lets tell those like the good folks at Slysoft :bow: VSO(ScorpioSoft) :bow: Erik Deppe :bow: Liggy & Dee :bow: ala42 :bow: Michel de Boer :bow: Quikee :bow:
Sorry if anybody feels left out
If somebody else wants to carry on feel free

I have been using the AnyDVD, CloneCD and CloneDVD software during the 21 day “try-before-buy” period and decided to register for the software today. I had no problems with the registration and received the license key files, and the cdfreaks discount within a minute of placing my order. Of course, I burned a copy of the license key files to a CD. The programs are working great. I made only one coaster of a DVD at the beginning of the “try-before-buy” period. I have found making copies of CDs and DVDs very fast and easy with a quick learning curve using AnyDVD, Clone CD and CloneDVD. Thank you SlySoft! :slight_smile: