SlySoft cracks latest BD+ protection



I just posted the article SlySoft cracks latest BD+ protection.

SlySoft today sent out a press release to select media informing the world it has successfully broken the latest Blu-ray Disc BD+ plus DRM protection.
Hollywood thought they had SlySoft beaten with…

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Way to go slysoft…as we knew you would, you did it again.
Outstanding job guys…Thank you!


Keep up the great work Slysoft! If anyon like myself has used this program with a crack or hack, feel very ashamed and send this hard working your company your hard earned money to continue to provide us the excelent product that they provide us. The price I paid years ago for the program 10 fold. Get it now before before the lifetime free updates no longer apply!


I have been running AnyDVD for years now. Since the time I bought it, I have been upgraded for free to the HD version. I don’t have a Blu-ray burner, but I have been using AnyDVD in conjunction with DVD Shrink for a long time now. I think DVD Shrink is still one of the best DVD copy programs, free or otherwise. Even though DVD Shrink has not been upgraded to defeat the latest DVD copy protection, it doesn’t matter, since when you run Any DVD, DVD Shrink thinks that the disk is unencrypted. Even if you do not even plan to ever buy a Blu-ray burner, you should get AnyDVD now, before it’s too late, so that you can continue to get the upgrades for free.



DVDFab is way better.


Ooohh… So you like GPL violations? (DVDFab). I use it too, but I’d never say it’s “better”.

But to pursue in your tone, I’d say that none are good, since neither of them is written for a REAL OS… :wink:

Cool down, while DVDFab is really good, the guys at SlySoft have been pushing the envelope for a very long time now, and they deserve all the respect - and the money - they get.


I think the best thing about Slysofts AnyDVD is how you can simply use it without ripping. In other words, since it works “on the fly” you can pop in your DVD, then not be blocked from skipping all the warnings, previews etc with your fast forward button on the remote and can go right to the menu if you want. I find this particularly handy when watching a DVD television series, that I watch a couple episodes, then come back again later to watch a couple more. I don’t want to sit thru all the MPAA crap then the FBI warning me about piracy first in English, then in French ( thanks to region coding for my Canadian brothers) and the freakin’ HBO banners, Joe Blow production splash screens etc. I just want to watch my show. AnyDVD accomplishes this on my HTPC. It does it seamlessly too. I often forget it is even running!

If I do rip a movie to my HDD array- then I damn sure will be using Clone DVD- it rocks!!!

Thanks SLYSOFT!!!


I guess these companies are never going to learn that DRM is a poor investment and a failed business decision. It is impossible to make a hack proof DRM. Anything can be hacked. Why they continue to poor money into DRM is beyond me. What it really does is piss off the people who legitimatally buy the product, while the people who pirate it, get a non drm copy of the internet without any restrictions. Not to mention all the R and D costs involved get added to price of your bluray disc. So a little part of is eaten up inside when i buy a disc, because I know I’m supporting the DRM that I don’t like. Good on ya Slysoft!


For me it’s the fact I don’t feel discriminated by where I live. I can watch a movie that might not be availible for my region without having to hold multiple citizenships. Is it an issue with the fact you have different distributers in different countries so it makes it less of a competition on something like that or do they really think they are going to get people double dipping this way?


Good going Slysoft…


Do you work for DVDFab? How is it way better when it can’t even copy any of the newer Blu-ray Discs that use BD+ protection? Get a clue.


Been using AnyDVD for a loooong time now, a very worth while purchase.

I currently have it on the HTPC, in the living room. My family loves being able to watch movies that I picked up in Europe, without having to rip them to the HD first.

Huge props to SlySoft for their latest crack!


Was there ever a doubt :bigsmile: They may make it difficult, but they’ll never make it impossible! Good job Slysoft.


I own an old version of AnyDVD, and I have upgraded to HD as well …

To show my support, I am re-subscribing with SlySoft in the new year …

I will keep my subscription until the studios supply me with a BluRay disc that contains the follow items:

  • Original movie in full 1080p
  • An Archival version of the movie (720p MKV)
  • A portable version of the movie (240p MP4)
  • A DivX compatible version for my old DVD player (480p AVI)

I will cancel my SlySoft subscription the day a title is released with the above (and there is some guarentee that all studios will comply)!

Happy AnyDVD-HD user.


Version is out now, you can find a download
here orhere


I never had any doubts. Wonderful work Slysoft!!


very proud of slysoft they r the best at doing what they do everyone will never be happy with just one but slysoft works for me yahooooo sylsoft


I again proffer that SlySoft is the B E S T on the market. Period! Have been using since its inception, and have found it equal or better than all the rest, it is sad that users of less skill levels find fault. I cut my eye teeth on Z80a’s and wrote medical office programs when most of you were not even twinkles in the eyes of your progenitors. SlySoft has been steady to their code of conduct, and deserve acknowledgement of their success, Hats off to the only program source that stands by their customers, and constantly seeks to improve product usefulness, up-dating whenever necessary for free. And I wish that I had a financial stake in them. Enough Said


It has been said, the difficult they get right away, the impossible takes a little longer…


I new to the whole decryption seen, and made sure I purchased AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD before the life time upgrades became no more, have only used for DVD so far, but worked seemlessley, so next steps are BRV, whish me luck?