Slysoft coupon on cdfreaks!



hi guys,
I wants to know whether this offer is still availible or not. How much money do I conserve if I buy all 3 Product. thanks for your answers.

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No this offer is not available anymore. All coupon codes have expired. However we expect that a likewise offer will return in a couple of months.

Visit Slysoft to see if there is a coupon code now.



Look at the shopping list or “bundles” on the site and there are discounts if you purchase more than one of their programs-



yeah I wants to know at last how much money I would have conversed if I had bought all 3 products? at bundle price it costs 78 USD dollar und how much would I have saved???

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Hi :slight_smile:
If you purchased say AnyDVD, then later CloneDVD2 & even later CloneCD it will have cost you USD 117.
All three purchased together for USD 78.
Saving you a grand total of USD 39.
So it’s like buy TWO get ONE FREE


yeah this is right. but I meant how much would I have conserved with this coupon?



Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry if I insulted you, but some folks just don’t follow up the links provided.
In answer to your question, it $10. This applied once per user. Hence if you bought AnyDVD first instead of $39 it was $29. However if you later applied for discount when purchasing CloneDVD or CloneCD & applied for discount you would be told discount had been claimed/expired. So it still pays to get all three if you think you’re likely to use them.


for closing this thread I now think that all three products with this 10$ coupon would cost me 68$. I’m right or not???



Yes your right, but your late in this $10 discount offer for now, they may offer it again.


okay allright. topic closed!!!