IS down!

:eek: I regularly check for updates, but the website is down!!! :sad: I wonder what is happening?? :confused:

Can not find server Mexico 8:57, -06 GMT a.m. 30/nov/05

No problem here.

Me too!

no problem, too

No problem here, they are all Christmasy now! is working, but I still cant’ see

try deleting your cookies

Delete your temp directory: Start | Settings | Control Panel | Internet Options | General | Delete Cookies + Delete Files

Then restart your Internet Explorer

I dont have any problem getting the slysoft page to load.

Hello Folks,

SlySoft ( is up and running here without any problems.

Best Regards,

OK here. I never check for updates, always seem to get notification from slysoft

can’t get to from here (UK)

edit: actually i can get to it, but it is bloody slow.

Still not working here, It’s funny, cause I ping the slysoft server and I do get a response:
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=101ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=99ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=102ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=100ms TTL=43

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 99ms, Maximum = 102ms, Average = 100ms

Can any one in America (the continent, not the imperialist country) load the website? Thanks.

MX 11:37 A.M. GMT -06

I never heard of the continent of America. I have heard of North America & South America. Could it be one of those continents of which you speak?

Besides, in the imperialistic country of America, as you say, from sunny Flori-Duh, I can reach just fine.

By the way there’s only one word for north&south america if we’re talkin about continents like giloz said American continent or do you have seen 6 circles on
the olympic flag. :wink:

F.Y.I. I do not want to get in to arguments, but from the encyclopaedia brittanica:

America: the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, usually subdivided into:
North America
Central America and the Caribbean
South America

English speakers commonly use American to refer to the United States only. In the United Kingdom, the use of ‘US’ as an adjective is preferred where it can be comfortably used, and is prevalent in media and government house-styles.

In Spanish, americano tends to refer to any resident of the Americas and not necessarily the United States; English spoken in Latin America often makes this distinction as well. In Spanish, the normal term for U.S. citizens is estadounidense (literally United-Statesian). In the Iberoamerican countries, the use of americano (literally, “American”) to describe a U.S. citizen could be considered culturally aggressive, because the word in Spanish habitually includes the inhabitants of the entire New World. In Portuguese, both in Portugal and Brazil, the term estadunidense is growing and it is considered more appropriate than the common term norte-americano (literally “North American”), as from a geopolitical view North America includes Mexico and Canada in addition to the United States.

There have been a number of attempts to coin an alternative to “American” as an adjective (a demonym) for a citizen of the United States, that would not simultaneously mean a citizen of the Americas.

Some people would extend the use of the word “American” to indicate any inhabitant of the Americas (which Europeans tend to consider a single continent, called “America”) rather than specifically a citizen of the United States; and perceive the latter usage of “American” to be potentially ambiguous, and perhaps aggressive in tone or imperialistic, a rather widespread view in Latin America…

Exactly that, it’s a little bit off topic but nice homework! :smiley:

Can any one in America (the continent, not the imperialist country) load the website? Thanks.

imperialist country?? that is sooooo last century!!! now days we prefer more modern terms like “facists swine” and “The great Satan” (TGS for short) :bigsmile:

No problems here! :iagree:

You should activate the “automatic check for updates” in our programs.