Slysoft being sued

Not sure how this will affect the future of the product.

Antigua-based software developer charged for breaching country’s copyright laws

Concerns are being raised as to how Antigua-based software developer Slysoft Inc and its owner Giancarlo Bettini were able to breach copyright laws in Antigua and Barbuda without being detected by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC), which is responsible for monitoring offshore financial companies and the like.

Bettini and his company are facing six charges relating to breaches of the country’s copyright laws under the WIPO Copyright Treaty. Slysoft is an offshore company under the International Business Corporation Act of Antigua & Barbuda and falls under the remit FSRC. Summonses were served on the software developer and his company of 30 Dec. last year. The matter is set for trial on 9 March (2011). Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Anthony Armstrong said that he first became aware of the matter in 2008 when a complaint was made by Advanced Access Content Systems Licensing Administrator of the United States (US) (AACS/LA). Armstrong explained that the AACS is an entity comprising of a group of the world’s leading computer companies and motion picture studies including Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Toshiba, IBM, Sony, Walt Disney Company and Warner Brother Studios.

He said the role of the AACS is to provide licenses to motion picture distributors, consumer electronic companies and consumer manufacturers According to the DPP this is a technology in which High Definition HD DVDs- both HD DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs are encrypted and protected from digital copy. Allegations are that Slysoft, which manufactures products under the name Any DVD, Any DVD HD, Clone DVD among others, is not a licensed company, but has been developing and selling certain software designed to decrypt the AACS technology.

“These copies can be repeatedly be reproduced and sold and distributed, with each subsequent digital copy typically retaining the clarity and quality of the original.

“The activities of Slysoft have a potential to impair the reputation of Antigua and Barbuda. Generally, and more specifically its reputation in allowing a company incorporated here to breach the country’s international treaty obligations and its domestic laws while yielding to the country very little economic benefits,” Armstrong said.

The products that Slysoft produces allow consumers complete access to illegally view and reproduce copyrighted content. Armstrong said that the software developer sells its products via the Internet and publicizes that its AnyDVD HD software can remove AACS encryption from HD DVDs.

The AACS technology was aimed at preventing such an occurrence. Antigua and Barbuda implemented the WIPO Treaty in 2003.

while yielding to the country [B]very little economic benefits[/B] ,” Armstrong said.

Yep just what I thought, it is all about the money if they had payed them off then
more than likely the law suite wouldn’t even be happening. :disagree:

Here’s what a support team members Frank from Slysoft says…

Seen it and passed it on. Was already well-known and I personally don’t believe this will happening for reasons I don’t care to discuss here.

So basically this was just a lame attempt to harass Slysoft.

Do you folks believe everything you read? If so a reassessment is in order LOL.:iagree:

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2568365]Here’s what a support team members Frank from Slysoft says…

So basically this was just a lame attempt to harass Slysoft.[/QUOTE]

Frank handles support for Slysoft, but Frank is not Slysoft. He was simply stating that in his personal opinion, he isn’t worried.

No one from Slysoft has not made any statements about this so far. (“It’s a fake article” / “The lawsuit won’t hurt us” / “The lawsuit won’t affect customers” etc.)

What ever the story is just bad story needs to be rooted out and made to stand for what it is…working for support or not those need to be rooted out…for the false story they make…

[QUOTE=alan1476;2568373]Do you folks believe everything you read? If so a reassessment is in order LOL.:iagree:[/QUOTE]