SlySoft Any DVD

Can any one inform me how to play Super Audio CD ie M Jacksons Thriller on SlySoft.

What do you mean? I’m just gonning to guess. If you want to play a Super Audio CD, you have to use a media player (Core Media Player, Windows Media, Real Player) if you want to burn/copy M Jacks Thriller you need to use Clone Cd and just click copy/burn. If your talking about copying the video just create an iso then burn the DVD or whatever. If your talking about burning the avi/mpeg/mpg file you downloaded from where ever. Download Nero and click create a new DVD you can create a menu from there and burn it and whatch it on your DVD player, keep in mind you have to a DVD Burner, you can also burn it to and CD-R if you don’t have an DVD Burner but you have to have a CD burner for that.

AnyDVD isnt a media player, its a filter driver thats sits between the drive and windows to remove region codes and other protection cr*p.

Your still going to need something that will play SACD’s if thats indeed what it is.

My own use of SACD is VERY limited but there are handful (atleast) of programs that will play them, AnyDVD shouldnt be needed.

Can one just give me a simply step by step process on how to burn Memoirs of a Giesha?? I have been trying for 2 days now, downloading every possible tool.
I am using Sly Soft AnyDVD. I have a DVD Decyrpter and I have 1clickdvdcopy.

This particular dvd is hard to burn and was told AnyDVD can do it.
I have Ripped the DVD. I just know what to do after that.
Please help.
Much Appreciated.

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Try having a browse through these guides.

AFAIK SACD can only be played in stand alone SACD players. Or have i missed some news?

Greetings all,
Has anyone had any difficulties with windows explorer or other programs (like cloneDVD mobile) recognizing a DVD in an IDE-DVD player after they installed AnyDVD? I can still see disks in my DVD writer but not the player. :confused:

Thanks in advance for your help…

I haven’t tried this particular movie, since I don’t own it yet, but I was able to rip Battlefield Earth (I was told it was heavily protected) using [I]AnyDVD[/I] and [I]CloneDVD Mobile[/I]. That is I converted it after ripping to my HDD into a DivX file to use with my home theater system. I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole converted movie yet, but I did watch it for about 6 or 7 mins and everything looked fine.


AnyDvd does not burn, it decrypts much like DVDDecryptor, though DVDDecryptor can burn. Suggest using DVDFabDecrytor (free software) to rip, Anydvd will decrypt in the background. Then compress with DVDShrink (free also), assuming you want to fit it on one DVD. Then burn with DVDDecryptor or Imgburn (free, updated version of DVDDecrtyptor’s burning program). You can set Shrink up to automatically burn with either of those.
Or… y0u can purchase CloneDVD2 that is made to run with AnyDVD and set it and forget it. It is one step and will take approx. 20 min. total at 8x. Took me 18 min. to do Geisha.

Hey Ricoman,
Just curious, what does the ND-3500, BenQ 1640, and LG 4167B acronyms in your system description stand for?

those are burners

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