Slysoft announces that CloneCD update is to be released soon

I just posted the article Slysoft announces that CloneCD update is to be released soon.

Recently we reported that, due to legal problems, Elaborate
Bytes would be transferring their famous CloneCD software to the SlySoft
company. Now Lenco reports us that on the SlySoft website…

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At last some Great News about CloneCD, But that leaves the Question, Some of us early buyer’s who paid a fuller price, were given, endless updates, Whilst we cannot really complain if that has now come to a end, It would be nice for some clarification to where we stand at present…:g

This is the best news ever to come on the cdfreaks new site! I mean I really love CCD so much that I even wear their t-shirt half the time. It’s been the most reliable backup software for me ever. Since the time that there were no updates of this utility I have been lurking this site for some news like this. ps. Ik hope Olly (and his team) keeps working on this even though it’s not a utility that will be brought to us by Elaborate Bytes in the future. Let’s kick lapinou’s ass with his “update of clonecd is Blindwrite 5”. From all the software for making backups, the CCD has been the ONLY software to be reliabe with every protection scheme which I have on my originals. Since CCD did not get along with newer protections (like Starforce and securom 4.8+), I have made an agreement with myself to ban developers that use such protection. So for short: “new updates will make me buy more games” so the corporations that use protection on their software can be glad to have CCD to be updated. So to say: “CloneCD you’ve prooven to be the best untill the end of the updates and I believe you’ll be the best again in the near future! Keep up the good work!” Lot’s of love from Holland

finally … yes you are right elby is really the best all over the world… who release the nicest piece of software to backup LEGALLY dvd movie, and who will bring the best version of a 1:1 … yes Ollie is really the best. Don’t forget to put the 1:1 copy of securom with plextor premium, and even starforce 3 support as vso never completed. long life to the smarter people who move to foreign countries and succeeded to obtain both better taxes and better legal environment.

YESSS! How soon? Soon can be one year… :frowning: or two weeks :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: One of the best cd-burning news 2003 !!! :d

I’ll believe this garbage when I see it, where was elby while the others were moving ahead?, making excuses and falling behind, If elby does get securom 4.8 or above down to copy then we know why, it wasn’t on their own either, they will have had help, but you fanboys don’t see this, They left their loyal customers behind, and now the fanboys are ready to jump right back on the boat even tho clonecd is usleless as it sits now, this boat hasn’t been in for awhile now. We’ll see how many other excuses we get before the update comes out, because you can bet your bottom dollar Ollie wouldn’t get rid of his baby at any cost, switch countries and names an old effective trick.

we want clone we want clone when do we want it NOW:B:B