SlySoft announces new update policy



ct, you are absolutely wrong about what you said. People need to read more closely before attacking Slysoft. The announcement states very plainly that people who already own the product don’t have to pay for future updates. Slysoft hasn’t gone back on their word.


The general reactions are hose of people that do not take the time to read, and probably would do better reading comic books. SlySoft stated that they intend to change their policy regarding lifetime upgrades; this will apply to new purchasers’ after a date certain in the future, please read future. Those that currently own or purchase program before that future date are protected under existing update considerations. Period. I can attest to the products as I have owned them since inception, and even though I lost my records of purchase, they maintained them and e-mailed me my purchase codes and dates of purchase so that I could get present upgrades, no other product, and I mean NO OTHER PRODUCT except a select few will go to the extremes of replacement or upgrade without any compensation that SlySoft does. The Programs have been easy to use for anyone with a modicum of brain matter, and perform as advertised, WHAT ELSE CAN ANY ONE ASK FOR, Free? They already give you a test period for your testing without restriction, copy and protect your originals as many times as you wish during the trial period, then and only then are you expected to pay for this remarkable product. My purpose for writing is to put down the nay sayers, as they probably want everything for free, well you get what you pay for from SlySoft, an original idea that truly works.


Yes, they have a large community and I guess many are ripping to HTPC’s. The main reason I would want the HD part of AnyDVD is to have it running to kill all the BS DRM like HDCP,AACS BD+ etc. If I discovered some piece of hardware wasn’t shaking hands just right for the disc to play.


I have no problem with their announcement. If I ran a software company and had to pay programmer’s I couldn’t stay in business giving out lifetime updates. All of the other companies I have dealt with only give you free updates for a time period, usually one year, or until a point issue changes. I have been a fan and supporter of this product for some time now and will continue to be. If I need some future program from them I will certainly buy it. With or without lifetime updates. I would just like to thank them for letting existing users continue to receive free updates. They didn’t have to do that. They could have changed the name of the program and stopped updating the existing applications forcing you to buy the new application. So thanks again Slysoft.


Umm…I guess you aren’t very smart. Vista doesn’t have a subscription payment model.


These people do great work, they sell a good product and if you’ve ever manually decoded your dvd’s you know that the time saved makes their product a bargain even with a yearly subscription. That being said I might go ahead and upgrade to HD just in case.


Well, I just checked SlySoft out, because I wanted to see how much it would cost me to purchase an electronic license key. It is just under 50$ USD. That’s a smoking deal, considering the fact that it still means free updates for life, and that promotion is going on until December 31, 2008.

I think it is a great deal, and for those who thumb their noses at SlySoft for this, you need to remember ONE THING: THEY BUILT THIS COMPANY SO THAT THEY COULD FIGHT DRM AND OTHER COPY PROTECTIONS. THAT TAKES TIME, TALENTED PEOPLE, AND LOTS OF MONEY TO DO WHAT THEY DO!

I personally applaud them, and have no problem with purchasing this product that I have now been evaluating for the last week. I think it’s worth the money, especially since you cannot buy this kind of quality product in any store in the USA.

Anyone from SlySoft, if you read this, keep up the great job, and remember, when the war is over, and you ARiSE triumphant, there will be many loyal fans of your products who will be standing to cheer for all of your hard working programers.

Thank you.


Went ahead and upgraded to the HD part even though I don’t have a Bluray drive. It cost $38 USD. About the same when I bought AnyDVD. Once the PC drives come down in price more, I will put it to good use eventually.


Very smart move shaolin007, now you will get free lifetime updates because you bought before the cutoff date. Congrats.


I for one am a proud user of anydvd and have been for a few years.
Slysoft has some great people working very hard to produce a great product. Iv have allways been impressed with there timely updates to all the new DRM.
Now I’m Granfathered in but would have no problem happly paying for updates even I wasnt. Im happy to pay for a great product that has done some much to fight the evil that is DRM. There are lots of products and programs I have paid for and later regteted it. Slysoft products are not one of them and are simply outstanding and I for one will happly be there customer for many years to come.
Some of you will not be happy unless every thing is free. Well lets lay blame where is should be, cough cough Sony. punish the bad guys and lets help out the good guys.
Now get out there and go pirate something form Sony allready…Hehe J/k.