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Our Moderator alan1476 has just informed us that SlySoft will change it’s update policy in the near future.Here is their announcement:Since Slysoft’s beginnings in 2003, all Slysoft product licenses…

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First DVDFab now SlySoft.


This website seems to be the mouthpiece of Slysoft, and as such, Slysoft can do no wrong.

Seriously, Slysoft charge a pretty high amount already for there products, and raised the prices considerably 6 months ago (using the excuse of the weak dollar), by over 30% if memory serves.

So in one year, they have hiked the prices, and now they are going back on their lifetime updates policy, in favour of a 1 year subscription model. I mean, how much longer will this company exist for? Hollywood will eventually go after them, and take them out. I suppose they better make the big bucks while they can!


Subscription policy sucks! No good products came from this, see Vista.


They offer a free 21 day evaluation period so you can make up your own mind. I think its a great product. And if are considering buying this product , read the last paragraph of the statement, you can still buy it with free lifetime updates for 20% off, this will not start until after the Christmas promotion, if I read it correctly.


"I mean, how much longer will this company exist for? Hollywood will eventually go after them, and take them out. "

They can’t go after them they are in Antigua. These guys had to flee their homeland to continue fighting DRM. Cut 'em some slack. They have the talent to be doing something else, but they choose to provide this product instead. I guess if we want it we have to pay for it.


Well this blows. I was planning to upgrade my Anydvd to HD hopefully in the near future when I actually got ahold of a Bluray drive and HD TV but have no need for it now. Sigh, oh well…


Well, you dont get lifetime updates with AntiVirus software and most programs stop updating when they step up to a newer version… This was bound to happen since there is no revenue from those that already own the software…

What they should offer the customer to compensate for this is to lower the prices by half…


If their products weren’t that expensive I would consider buying them. This decision makes it even more expensive so I don’t expect that I will ever buy any of their products.


Remember folks this doesn’t take effect till after this year is over. So if you buy now you will not fall under paying anuall fees but purchases after this year you will from what I hear.


I just wanted to state that I think the guys over at Slysoft are doing an amazing job against the cancer that is DRM, but I do not agree with the heavy handed greed policy they seem to have adopted a year ago.


It costs money to continue to make changes to the product as they do. As long as the yearly fee is not significant than I think that it is fair. To pay $40-50 dollars for a lifetime of programing is a bit much. Sell the product for $20 a year.


They could also offer a discounted version with a limit on free updates, then a more expensive version for a longer update sub or lifetime updates. At least I got mine during the free lifetime updates.

Another problem this could create is if the credit cards/etc. are forced to block payments to Slysoft from the U.S., it could become impossible to purchase updates…

I own licenses for AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, CloneCD and GameJack. I wonder what will happen with later upgrades from AndDVD to AnyDVD-HD - will updates after a certain point only apply updates pertaining to DVD, or if you’ve already bought AnyDVD and later upgrade to HD, will the free lifetime updates still apply?


Update to the HD part now and you should still get lifetime free updates.


I guess the problem they have, is that the more sophisticated the protection, the more people they have to bring in to defeat it. That and probably special equipment and things. I can see why they would want to go to this model now. However, it shouldn’t be no more than $30 for the software and then $10 renewals or something. Or they could pull a fast one like VSO Software and just change the version like AnyDVD 7 instead of 6 and just change the GUI to make it look like it is different to make people buy the newer version.


I just thought of something else too. We have to realise that this Bluray protection is tedious and difficult probably to stay on top of and then we have to wonder…just how many people out there are even using this HD product? There cannot be that many that really “need” this product in comparison to DVD rippers. Maybe the HD product is not selling that good to warrant all the atttention from staff. I have AnyDVD and CloneCD etc, but have no need or desire for BR. Even if I had BR capability at the house, I would not fuss with ripping them to a HDD. I would just use a standalone player, not a media center. I damn sure ain’t going to “backup” a disc to a BR disc- that would be retarded.


You’d be surprised how many are backing BD Discs Crabby. Just take a gander on their forum and see.


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slysoft sucks, never again will i buy any dvd, dont need it. my kids like the packaging. and music protection is fizzing itself out. even Metallica have noticed sneaking one song inspires most to buy the whole cd anyway. with itunes who cares anyway
Now slysoft goes back on their word with the lifetime thing, and they expect us to say ok…then what else will you lie about.?
its greed or greed and panic and nothing more…
lifetime means lifetime…not until we say so.

they will lose big time on this one…i run a buisness and you cant simply lie and then raise your prices you lose loyalty…and that is what builds a solid buisness.


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