SlySoft announces AnyDVD, rip DVDs on the fly, no more long waits

I just posted the article SlySoft announces AnyDVD, rip DVDs on the fly, no more long waits.

 Readers of our forum  already could feel it coming, a new nice suprise for DVD backuppers. The company  SlySoft                has released AnyDVD. This software is  able to decrypt CSS...
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What a surprise indeed :d

I’ve read, that AnyDVD was developed by Elby, but because of legal issues they didn’t release it theirself. More Infos here:

great stuff, no longer need 8gb for dvd and 3.4gb for the temp files, hope this works good, wonder what it will do with dvd’s that are 2 layer and over 4.7gb!

Works good try it, i bet Olie did release it, cause it had worked so well:d

I personally love the integrated DVD Region Killer which works even with RPC2 drives (like the one in my SAMSUNG Notebook). But the best thing is the removal of user prohibitions: I can now watch the german versions of Pulp Fiction and Scream in English without forced german subtibles straight from the original disc! This is COOL! Well done, SlyBoys! :slight_smile:

Damn !!! Nice to have you back in the frontline Olli .

And now all we are waiting for is the SlySoft shop to come online. I’m allready addicted to the little fox. It has made my life so much easier.

tried it loved it worth the money yes it is…come on boys online shop allready!Olli thnkz mate…

This program is simply fantastic.

It looks like AnyDVD has been updated: (2003-07-06) * Improved Region handling * Default Region buttons are now disabled, if Region Code Enhancement is switched off * If Region Code Enhancement is disabled, normal drive Region will be used (Region Killer function off, useful with Panasonic/Matshita/RICOH RPC2 drives) * After first install, Setting window is shown automatically * Default Region setting was broken with RPC2 drives * Removal of user prohibitions is now switched on by default * Archive is now deleted from registry on uninstall * fixed startup problem with certain configurations * added italian help file * updated italian language file The order system seems to be online as well.