How come did CloneDVD2 get to [COLOR=RoyalBlue] ?
Is it simply because some would often seek it there ?[/COLOR]


Nice picture, BoSkin!

AFAIK People not only seeked it there, even if CloneDVD was not very “prominent” on SlySoft’s website, they’ve sold CloneDVD as an affiliate, and created probably 25% of Elaborate Bytes AG online sales!

AFAIK it is for all parties more reasonable to sell licenses to SlySoft instead of continuing the affiliate relationship. As a side effect it allows SlySoft to offer attractive product bundles.

@ Ollie

What does “AFAIK” mean and also what is “Revilo AG”, I noticed that in your Sig

AFAIK = as far as I know
Revilo AG = Oliver’s another company

AFAIK // n. [Usenet] Abbrev. for “As Far As I Know”.

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we posted at the same time… :stuck_out_tongue:

> What does “AFAIK” mean <

well, this has been answered already.
Sorry, I thought this is “common knowlwdge”.

> and also what is “Revilo AG” <
That’s the company I work for.

ok, I’m retarded I just now noticed that

Revilo is Oliver backards, I thought it was some none english word or something…lol


SlySoft just made a press release. They bought the licence for developing and selling CloneDVD.

Edit: Sorry, just selling, not developing :slight_smile:

Thanks, Benny !

Translated automatically :

SlySoft acquires license for the selling of CloneDVD

Published: 27.07.04 - 02:33

As admits today in a press release, the SlySoft Inc. rights for the selling at CloneDVD,
which was developed before and sold exclusively by Swiss company Elaborate byte,
have become acquired.
According to SlySoft, CloneDVD is the company-owned product range off to round
and thus in the total package even for favourable prices to be offered to be able.
So CloneDVD – price per unit $46.00 – is to be had together with AnyDVD
now to a total price of 65 US dollar.
One saves 33 US dollar. The products are available in all combinations with savings advantage .
The CloneDVD offered by SlySoft is identical to the product of Elaborate Bytes.
The development is accomplished further by Elby,
to SlySoft offers the Tool however likewise for the sales.

…total price of 65 US dollar…one saves 33 US dollar…” -
Thanks for the great news, Elby & SlySoft ! This is a very intelligent & wise decision of Yours.

Another program down the drain. :frowning:

First CloneCD now CloneDVD. :a


>Another program down the drain. :frowning: <
Where do you get this idea from?

> First CloneCD now CloneDVD. :a<
Completely different subjects. SlySoft bought CloneCD. They didn’t buy CloneDVD (maybe because Elaborate Bytes AG won’t sell it?)
And what’s wrong with CloneCD? I like it. :wink:

Was mit CloneCD falsch läuft? Alles. :slight_smile: Das weißt du selbst am besten. Ich als Programmierer hätte wahrscheinlich geheult, wenn ich gesehen hätte, wie ein anderes Entwicklerstudio mein Programm hätte so verkümmern lassen. Schade um eure Ex-Kundschaft!

I have to admit I dont like cloneCD anymore, it’s not beating the protection like another program I use now…


Okay, this is clearly drifting off-topic… Anyway:
You’re right, CloneCD doesn’t beat newest protections, and probably never will (AFAIK it is not called “emulate CD”).
Well, they could do a Tages update… this should work without emulation.
Everything else…? Better Emulation. Better HideCDR media. All BS.
Most of the recent originals don’t even run on my machines (Sonic Adventure DX, or Far Cry)! I have uninstalled every copy program - no dice.
Manufacturers Websites? No patches. Solution? Either return the game, or Gamecopyworld. BUT I WANT TO PLAY IT! I WANT IT TO WORK!
What the heck do I need GameJack, Alcohol and co. for, IF THE ORIGINAL THINKS IT IS A COPY, OR THAT I HAVE EMULATION SOFTWARE…
This is all so sad. So, for me CloneCD & Gamecopyworld are fine.

Last thing I heard is, that SlySoft is actively developing CloneCD (and these guys are good, look what they’ve achieved with AnyDVD), but probably in a very different direction you might expect.

> First CloneCD now CloneDVD. :a<
Completely different subjects. SlySoft bought CloneCD. They didn’t buy CloneDVD (maybe because Elaborate Bytes AG won’t sell it?)
And what’s wrong with CloneCD? I like it. ;)[/QUOTE]

Whats wrong with CloneCD Ollie is that some of us your earlier Customers, felt they were shafted, by Slysoft, for not honouring the fact that we paid a higher price for CloneCD knowing that we had Unlimited Updates for free, whilst the people that later who purchased the cheaper version were only entitled to Updates for 12 months. I’m still stuck with the version Elby last Updated, as I refuse to pay for the whole program again, Slysoft did not even offer a discount. :a

Now I fear that we may be shafted yet again… :rolleyes:

For clarification: If you read the press release, they “aquired the right to sell CloneDVD”. I love these marketing people :slight_smile: , every department store has a “right to sell CloneDVD”, wouldn’t you agree? :wink:

I agree that this “update issue” was handled by them quite unfortunate.
But they paid quite a huge pile of money for CloneCD, so I understand that they probably are a little nasty… AFAIK they even fulfilled the “one year free update” statement which Elaborate Bytes AG has given their customers (there never was an official lifetime free update from Elaborate Bytes AG, it was made by me personally a long, long time ago, so it is me you have to blame) quite generously.

I personally would offer a discount for “old customers”, because this increases customer satisfaction and probably would also increase sales, dunno.
But fortunately this is not my task to make such decisions…