Sly Fox Any DVD

I’ve just downloaded Sylyfox Any DVD and DVD Clone. Now I need a user manual to get started help. my mail Also, I’ll be checking back here.

Right-click on the red fox by the clock. Third option down is help. It is one of the easiest programs to use. Also use the search feature for the AnyDVD forum to answer specific questions.

When CloneDVD opens, there is a help option in the upper-right corner of the application (next to the question mark).

This will also help & it has been updated:

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how do you use slyfox with dvd shrink

[QUOTE=stroh18;1936172]how do you use slyfox with dvd shrink[/QUOTE]


Look at Kerry’s answer to your question in the other thread - and it is not “slyfox” it is in fact “AnyDVD” -eh!!