Sluggish xvid playback on alba rdvd1002

Bought one of these last week in Sainsburys for £59.99 !!

Very pleased with it as it has a high tolerance for “iffy” discs - a lot of discs that didn’t work on my old matsui play fine on this.

anyway, i’ve been playing around with MPEG, DIVX and XVID files on it and it seems to play all of them, but occasionally the playback is a little sluggish.

The audio is synced properly, but sometimes it’s like watching a program dipped in treacle :slight_smile:

As an example, i’ve got the latest episode of “24” to watch and it’s encoded in XVID, at 23 frames per second, with 140kbps data rate and 12 bit video sample size. Audio is MP3 at 121kbps. Played the opening few seconds and it’s the same as some others - quite sluggish.

any clues ??. Is it worth converting it to MPEG format??. Or coverting from XVID to DIVX at a higher data rate ??.

Any help would be most welcome. Thanks.

You should check and see whether the problem files have a packed bitstream.

Download MPEG4 Modifier from post #2 in the following link, and open the file. If present, the packed stream can be removed without re-encoding.