Slows cd burning

i just bought a light on dvd burner internal model dh-20a4p but when i burn a cdr it burns slow as hell when it says it can burn at 48x so when i burn it at 16x which is the only option i have nothing comes up but when i burn at 48x this shows up …recording Quality may be affected by not using the JustSpeed option…what does this mean i wanna burn at 48x not 16x

Sounds like it is operating in PIO mode, a very common problem.

To check (assuming you are using Windows XP) go to Device Manager, IDE/ATAPI Controllers, right-click on the channel your drive is connected to (usually the secondary) and select Properties. The Advanced Settings tab will give the current transfer mode.

If this is the problem then a quick search of CD Freaks should give instructions on how to fix it. I usually right-click on the IDE channel in Device Manager and select uninstall, then Action>Scan for Hardware Changes which re-installs it.