Slowing down writers?

hi newbie here

is there any way of slowing down writing speed??

my writer will only write at 8 speed and i want to write at 2x speed

any help appreciated


The minimum writing speed depends on the hardware (CD Recorder itself) rather than the software. Generally Nero, Roxio and other CD recording software will give a choice of speeds reported by the recorder, i.e. if the recorder reports to the software it can write at 8x, 12x, 16x, etc. then that’s all the software will allow you choose from. Most high speed recorders now will allow a minimum of 4x or 8x on CD-R’s, so this would be the minimum the software will allow.

If you are using software other than Nero or Roxio, i.e. some other software that came came bundled with your recorder, then it may be worth trying out Nero just in case it’s a software limitation rather than a hardware one.

thx mate using nero now and will write at 8x as the slowest speed!!!


Lite-On writer?

no mate LG


I guess that Nero came with your burner ?
I have two burners, 1 Plextor and 1 Asus. Nero 5.5 was bundled with each of them but I think it is a kind of OEM version because when I install the version that came with the Plextor it only recognises the Plextor and not the Asus burner. (And the other way round.)
So, in the first case Nero shows the limitations of my Plextor burner and in the second case those of the Asus.
I should say, try another burning program.

if i use clone and set the speed to 4x is starts to write but the speed still shows at about 8???


I’ve seen something like this before with early CD burning software. Originally, burning software always gave choices from x to the maximum speed of the writer even if the writer didn’t go all the way down to 1x, but if the writer doesn’t support the speed, it will write at the next closest speed. I.e. if the software gives the choice of 4x and the minimum the drive supports is 8x, then the drive will write at 8x (next closest speed) even though the software still assumes that it’s writing at 4x.

Many of the high speed writer now are optimised for high speed writing, but not when it comes to low speeds. I.e. If you write to an old 6x rated CD-R at 4x with a new CD burner that allows this speed and another same 6x CD-R with an old 4x burner, then the CD-R that comes out of the old slower writer will tend to tend to be better written than the one written at 4x from the high speed burner. I’ve seen this my self and with mates who still have old CD-Rs lying about. This is one of the reasons I presume why new CD writers don’t go much slower than 4x or 8x.

thanks all

i’ll just bang in my oldwriter and burn the ones i want “slow” with that one