Slowing down read speed of 52246/Sony CRX220A1




I just got a Sony CRX220A1 and the first thing I did was flash it to the latest Lite-On firmware, however… I’m now interested in limiting the read speed of the drive.

AFAIK, with the Sony firmware (which I’d rather not use) the drive is limited to 40x read/write unless you press the turbo button. With the Lite-On firmware though, its full speed ahead. My CD’s get quite hot and it seems that in some cases the drive tries to read the disc too fast for its own good and has to slow down to re-read.

Is there a way to limit the speed?



My CD’s get quite hot

This is due to inadequate case cooling.
Nero’s “Drive Speed” utility will limit read speed, but this is not going to accomplish anything other than decreasing the heat. The drive sets it’s own read speed based on the amount of errors that are occurring and the demand for the data. If it is re-reading, it’s due to read-errors resulting from a damaged or low-quality disc.


There isnt much I can do about my case cooling, and I’m sure even in quite a cool case the CD will get quite hot when it’s spinning at 40-52x its intended speed :wink:

Anyway, I’m testing with Taiyo Yuden, Mitsui and pressed audio cd’s and getting quite a few c1 & c2 errors (with CD doctor) when I test above 8x (the default).

I changed the IDE cable, just in case, it didn’t improve anything.

Any ideas?


I’m sure even in quite a cool case the CD will get quite hot when it’s spinning at 40-52x

No actually, an adequately cooled drive will stay cool for 6-8 full disc runs (doesn’t matter whether you’re burning or reading). After that, they shouldn’t be more than warm to touch. Heat not only reduced the drive life, but degrades the quality of writing and reading as well. In other words, a hot drive shows more read errors. As for the errors, no C2 errors should be seen. C2 errors means you must lower the burn speed or try different media, or both.


rdgrimes is right, i used to have an old case that didn’t have any slots for case fans, and when i burned cds at 16x with my old lite-on, they would be quite warm after the recording process was done. now i have a case with four 80mm case fans, and the cds i burn at 52x are only slightly warm to the touch.


Well case heat issues aside, this is something I’ll look into… my tests have been with Mitsui Gold & Taiyo Yuden discs, which should give excellent results IMO. And of course, it also happens with Audio CD’s which I would hope are good quality!



If you’re seeing errors, you must slow the burn speed or change media, or both. Slowing the read speed is a bandaid, which may result in fewer read errors, but does not make the disc more reliable. If the drive is slowing and re-reading, you have errors. Scanning for read errors is the only reliable tool you have to check this. A good quality burn will read, with no C2 errors, at 52x.


It seems the problem is actually related to heat after all.

I took the drive out of the pc and ran about 20 continuous tests with it resting on top, at first it was fine but after a while it started having problems. It’s a pretty hot room and there was nothing to draw heat away from the drive like there would be inside a well cooled pc so that was expected.

I’ve now got the drive back inside the pc with an 8cm fan at 60% speed on each side, hopefully that should be enough to keep it cool without being a nuisance :wink:

Cheers for the advice,


There are fans that mount in drive bays too, you could put one over it.
I think LiteOn still recommends running no mre than “a few” discs at a time. I find that with good cooling, 15 or so discs is doable before it starts to get hot.