Slowing down DVD rip speeds



I know most everyone wants to rip DVD’s faster. I’ve got a problem ripping a Soprano’s Season 4 Disk 4 disk. I locks up every time at a certain point with I/O errors. I’ve tried as many different ripping programs as I can find, but no success. VOB Blanker read all the way thru it, but of course I found out it must be unencrypted first to work, so all I got was garble. I thought maybe if I could slow down and lock the rip speed to 2X or something it may read thru it, at least worth a try. I remember reading somewhere there is a way to do this but don’t know where I saw it. Anyone help me out please and thank you!!

I have a BenQ 1620 and Lite-On 167T if that matters!!


I’ll reply to my own post and say I found the answer on another forum. I downloaded Nero’s Drivespeed 3.0, was able to slow my ripping speed down to 2X and by golly it ripped right thru the bad spot. So this post can be closed!!


i had same issue with sopranos s3 ep1
try dvd decrypter with below options - worked for me & pioneer 108