Slowing down an audio

Hi everyone,

I recently tried to transfer some cassettes to my computer for a friend of mine who had some old high school performances recorded on them, but it turns out the cassettes were either recorded incorrectly or something else went wrong - but the end result is that everything is sped up and everyone in it sounds like the chipmunks. Now, those cassettes were the only copies we had, so there’s no way to try to transfer from a better quality tape.

Given that I have mp3s/wavs of the cassettes, is there a way to slow things down? I’ve googled and only found software that will slow down the music without changing pitch, but I suspect what I need is something that will change pitch so that everyone doesn’t sound like they’re on helium.

Any help would be appreciated! I have an older copy of Cool Edit Pro, if that’s of any help and I also have Audacity.

Audacity can do it. Use the .WAV versions for best results. There are change ‘pitch’, ‘speed’ and ‘tempo’ filters.