Slowest 708a in the World?

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to back up my DVD collection on my 708a - after around 4 or 5 successfull DVD-R disks, I tried to rip one to disk 2 nights ago. I left it running and went to bed.
I woke up the next morning (7 hours later) and it had only reached 6 percent!! I tried another disk - the same result!!

That works out at around ummm … 0.026x

116 hours for a full DVD

My DVD collection is around 100 disks, sooo…

so, If I have no rest and pull one DVD out and start ripping another straight away, I should finish around June 6th 2005!!!

I upgraded the rom to the lastest flash - I’ve tried my different DVD player and it works in around 30 mins.

I’ve got it as Master on the secondary IDE

I’m using Intervideo DVD copy

This started BEFORE the flash btw

Any Ideas???:confused: :confused: :confused:

Is DMA enabled for your drive? It has to be running in UDMA mode 2 else it will take a really long time to rip a DVD. Please read through the FAQ when you’re having a DMA problem.

Try Nero CD/DVD Speed and check the read throughput. A stamped disc should read up to 12x. Enable SpeedRead for maximum throughput (with the tray closed and empty, hold down theeject button until the LED blinks three times. Release the eject button and load the disc) If it is very slow, check your controller for UDMA. If the throughput is good, your copy program may have some settings or memory issue.

it’s running UDMA 2

I’m thinking its Intervideo

Does the drive have any issues with Master/Slave?

As soon as I get out of ‘work’ I’m going to try the Nero Speed test

When experiencing problems it’s recommended to try the Plextor PX-708A as Master device on its own IDE channel (meaning without a Slave device attached). You could try if that solves your problem.

Sooo, here’s what I’ve done so far :-

  1. Moved the 708a to it’s own IDE as a Master
  2. Pressed the load button for 3 seconds until the light blinked 3 times
  3. run Nero cd/dvd speed test thing
  4. tried 4 different disks

Nero giving me an error message - either at the start or part way through the test

any ideas?

here is the error

LOL :bigsmile:

That error is because Nero CD/DVD Speed cannot read encrypted DVDs. If you had taken a look at the Nero CD/DVD Speed website ( you would have know that you need to ‘unlock’ the drive with a software DVD player to decrypt the CSS protection on the DVD. When you play the DVD with a software DVD player such as WinDVD or PowerDVD the disc will become unlocked and you can use Nero CD/DVD Speed to do transfer tests. Good luck!

OK!! I thought I had unlocked the CSS protection with DVD Region Free!
Obviously not - with the region free turned off it reads at 8x which I like - better than 0.025x!
Still havent tried to rip it yet - will the same method work? Start a software DVD player to unlock the CSS then rip it?

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reverb, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh a newbie, I was a newbie once many many days ago, ya like 2 1/2 months ago. First you need a program like DVD Shrink & U MUST rip it (and rip it good, we are Devo) )to your hd to get rid of the CP. Then you can burn those files. See it’s really simple, if I can do it u can do it.

Damn, I FEEL like a newbie, but alas I’ve been into computers since my very first brand new 386 DX 40 WAY back when (I refuse to remember) AND it only had a 14,400bps modem and that was a LUXURY!! FAXES are faster than that now!!

Only had a DVD writer for a month tho! So I do feel like I need to carry ID in this group

Reverb so ya think ya been into computer for some time, well I can beat that 14.4 modem with a 300 baud one & I ran a BBS with that too, I also had only 8k of memory yes (k) not mb. & a 20 mb hd

I’ll raise you a PC Junior and a single sided 8 in floppy

bob11879, oh ya… u had a 8" floppy??? I only had a 71/4" ss, gee wiz now I have floppy envy. (yer is bigger than mine)

Yep I remember when I had to get a bigger hard drive cos windows 3.1 wouldnt fit on it - it was a revolution - no more dos prompts!!
7 1/4!! Luxury - I only had a 5 1/4!! but I wasn’t fully developed yet!

Actually my first ever computer experience was a Commodore Pet and some bizarre computer called a 380Z which ran that BIG text adventure (crystal cave???)

Reverb, now to think about it, I think mine was a 5 1/4" floppy sd & later DD. Awww… the good old Atari days are coming back.