Slower rip speed with CS09 firmware?

I purchased 1633S couple days ago and updated that drive to BS41 firmware. With that firrmware I was getting on average of 10X speed when I ripped DVD (both backed up dvd on dvd-r /dvd+r and original DVD). Yesterday, I crossflashed BS41 to CS09 firmware for 1653. Now Im averaging about 7x speed when I rip original DVD disk. Has anybody else experienced slower rip speed with CS09 firmware on 1633S? I’m not complaining since I can alwasy go back to BS41. Just curious. :confused:

mm i think if is a orginal DVD movie it can read it at CAV 16x…but if is a burned disc it only read at 8x…so which one are you reading from??

also you can use the omnipatcher tool to increase the reading speed to 12x (for burn disc)…if that will help!!

i’m guessing when u say “original”, u mean dual layer. Well it is quite normal to be ripping at 7.8x with these discs but i’m not sure how u got 10x. If it is single layer, you can get up to 16x, but i think there is a lock to limits the speed, unless if you use codeguy’s stocked firmware and load it in omnipatcher and change a few things around.

BS41 and CS09’s rip speeds are identical. The faster BS41 may the result of your using a fast-read-patched version of BS41 or the result of using a media type that reads faster.

when I rip, I use my JLMS 166 dvdrom. I only use my 1633s for burning. But I have never been able to pass a max of 9X with an average of 7X (using dvd decrypter also). So if you get a way to rip at 12X, or even 10X, I will buy it.