Slower recorders get a new lease on life 16x may be delayed

I just posted the article Slower recorders get a new lease on life 16x may be delayed.

Due to a lack of supply for laser diodes or LD’s, we may see a lag in the mass production of the new speedy 16x iterations. Apparently, there is a difficulty in producing these…

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What the hey, I’m quite happy backing up at 4x and 8x. 5, 8, 13 mins not enough in it to bother me…

Anything above 4X is a crock anyway, especially 16x. The Reason? No Media!!!

I’m with Gristy on this one, you either have Ritalin addiction or 'ahem, cough ’ deadlines to meet to need stuff above a certain speed, why burn at such a speed that you need to check the integrity of the data afterwards… :+ …and flames erupt from every orifice!

I agree, who can’t find something else to do for the 9-12 minutes it takes?? And @ ROJ, where do live that there isn’t any 8X media?? IT’s available all over!:wink:

whyt are they bringing them out so fast? 16x is not needed at the moment i still burn at 4x. i can do a full dvd at 8x in 7.5 minutes thats way fast enough for me at the moment.

The goal posts have moved waaaay out of my sight and I can’t kick that far, guess I’ll stick with my 4x…:X

I still burn at 2x, sometimes 4x, but it is good to know that these companies are putting in the reserch for a better product. That’s the way I choose to see it now:B

i agree with some of the posters above… i still have a sony 4x burner, and half the time i burn using 2x media… anything over 4x is BS… what the hell do you peeps have to do thats SO IMPORTANT you MUST shave 2-3 min off the burn time?

the 4x to 8x jump was needed, IMO (particularly the 2x to 4x rewritable jump). But yeah, crappy media, sub-optimal burns and diminishing returns tend to show their ugly face after a certain point. I’d still like to see rewritables hit 8x, though. Would save a heap of time if you’re one of those that tests on rewritables first, then do your final burn.

I didn’t really expect to hear this from CDFreakers. Everyone welcomed 48 and 52x cd burners. Look at the sheer number of lite on users alone that modded 32x drives to 48x without much time saved, but had it for bragging rights and time is actually important to some people. In terms of availability of media, a ludicrous number of people have modded NEC and liteon drives to DL without having media available and some without intentions of ever burning DL (could be other brands too, but these I know of). I for one do loads of data backups and the time saved would mean a lot. Additionally, higher speeds will demand increased disc quality to take such speeds and as with all things, prices will come down with time. If manufacturers are bringing something quicker, reliable and affordable, then I for one welcome it.

To the person who asked where 8x media isn’t available: I live in Canada. No 8x media commonly in sight. On 48x and 52X cd media - what a crock. I’d like my stuff to be able to be read everywhere which means (guess what?) nothing higher than 16x, especially for audio. I don’t subscribe to phantom gains. I don’t assume that “newer is automatically better”. You can always tell the pioneers - they’re the fools with the arrows in their backs. I don’t overclock or run out of spec - if I want faster, I’ll buy faster and it will be mainstream faster, not bleeding edge. I don’t run without a safety net and that leads to my next point which is that I don’t unnecessarily line the pockets of hypemeisters. Your mileage (and gullibility) may of course vary - I’m too pragmatic for that foolishness.
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I’m sorry to hear that anything u burn higher than 16x isn’t read everywhere. That truly is a calamity. There may be remedies as ur probably using a bad combination of media and hardware, but if ur fine with 16x, then knock urself out. In case u were speaking about me as a pioneer, I don’t fall into that category as I don’t jump onto things, listen to spindoctors or assume newer is better. I’m just speaking based on general trends I’ve noticed where newer developments tend to bring added bonuses and increased refinement (and amount to user satisfaction). If u don’t feel comfortable clocking ur amd 2500 to 3200, or ur p4 2.8 to nearly 4 gig, its fine. I guess even if some hardware is identical but soft-modded to make em different and u want to keep it like that, u still have a warranty etc, so very well to u. My high speed burns are readable everywhere, I OC my optical drives and processors and they work perfect (gave me added productivity and saved money) so I guess if that makes me somewhat different, I can live with that. I still appreciate the progress being made in developing faster drives and intend to use them. (Hey, I’d be touchy too if I was in ur situation , so its all good :)) Take care.
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Well, having been doing this for quite a while, I can tell you that some CD playback devices are definitely hostile to burns over 10x - and we’re not talking cheapie 40 dollar beasties from Wal-Mart either. Similarly, car audio decks fall into the same category. Computer devices are today generally far less picky about what they can read but AV and straight audio gear are notoriously so. I gotta tell ya, it’s really disconcerting to see a 400 dollar deck refuse to play a CD - and then a 100 dollar deck has no problem.