Slower Liteons

Will Liteon ever release a firmware for the 16X or 24X drives that supports Mt Rainier? From reading your posts you lot seem to just buy a new drive every time Liteon release one but some of us like to use our drives for more than 3 weeks LOL.

LTR-32123S and older drives will most likely not get mount rainier support.

Which means:

All 32X (Except LTR-32125W maybe) and older drives will most likely not get Mount rainier support.


Liteon drives may be good but the company has the worst customer support i have ever had the displeasure to use! they answer nothing. At least i got an answer on here, cheers :slight_smile:


The hardware do not support mount rainier (And P-CAV/CAV write technology).

The reason for a firmware update it to re-program the hardware and insert new instruction sets in to it (which you are of course aware off). P-CAV/CAV write technology is only a set of instuctions laid down for the hardware to follow which gives the resultant write method. The disc spins, the laser burns! The hardware is the same the instuctions are different.

It appears Liteon are ignoring its older drive owners and are hoping to gain a fast buck by tempting you in to a new drive which offer new features that could be applied to its older drives. Like i said brilliant drives, crap customer support.