Slower delivery from Amazon lately?



Ever since Amazon went to $35 minimum for free shipping (now raised to $49), I’ve been using them less and less. Most of my shopping with them in the past has been for small items, so the shipping and taxes they started charging were not encouraging.

But I found a mechanical keyboard I wanted at their site and with discounts and gift cards I’ve been saving up, the total out of pocket for me was only $10, and it was eligible for the free shipping option. Couldn’t pass that up. But on an item sold and shipped by Amazon, showing in stock, it took them six days to actually get it out the door and into the shipper’s hands. It will be another five days to get to me, barring any slowdowns by USPS.

Anyone else with this kind of service lately? There has been a lot of speculation on the net that they are trying to push people to buy their Prime service, with its two day shipping, but for the occasional shopper, this is not a good bargain, unless you also use the Amazon streaming video. It does seem that the free shipping items are put on the back burner, so you’d best not be in a hurry.

I suspect I’ll be buying from Newegg quite a lot in the future instead of Amazon, since I have free, two day shipping through Shoprunner there. But the Amazon gift cards were piling up and I needed to get rid of them…hey they were Christmas gifts, so I did pretty well not spending them for a little while. :slight_smile:


I bought Prime ONLY becuase they had a anniversary one day sale for 67 bucks. I have used them much more becuase of the very quick shipping and my TV supports their video service very nicely so been using that too and video appears to be full HD and smooth with 5.1 sound.
I DO believe they are purposely taking more time to ship things if your not on Prime and they don’t take Pay Pal either which I use when I cash in one of the survey sites that slowly pay out as you do surveys. I use the money for toys I want but normally don’t have the budget for.
New Egg now has a similar member only thing but theirs is only 50 a year and I think only supports free fast shipping and discounts, but I don’t think they are dropping free shipping on sale items yet.


The UK Amazon is heavily pushing their Prime membership also which is practically useless for people living in Ireland such as me.

The last time I tried prime, they had no problem letting me take up the free trial. However, when I tried watching anything on their prime service, I was told that Prime on demand content is only available in the UK. So I thought, let’s try ordering something. Again, it said I could not deliver to my selected location as Prime deliveries are for UK addresses only. :doh:

While a VPN could get around their geographic restriction on their on-demand content, I would have to use a UK-forwarding service to get around the UK delivery restriction also (€4/packet and added 1 to 2 days), so in the end it was clearly not worth paying for Prime and I cancelled it straight away.

I’m actually getting concerned just how aggressive they have got pushing prime over the past few months. Their “Today’s Deals” items have a 30 minute delay for non-prime members and have come across a few that were even exclusively for prime members.

Certain goods sold by Amazon can now only be purchased by prime members, such as the following food fryer my brother tried ordering:

In this case it actually worked to his advantage. He found it on sale at Curry’s for £99, so Amazon just lost a sale for this stupid restriction. :slight_smile:


Well Sean, that REALLY sucks. Whats the point of paying for it if they don’t even go to your location with anything at all.
Do they make it clear before you sign up that they don’t go there or do they hide it in the fine print or not bother to mention it at all?
At least in the States it works for everything and they ship almost everywhere quickly.
They also offer a slower free shipping option where they give you a dollar credit to use later.
I figure since everyone has discovered special members only perks they all are jumping on board so they can make free profit for basically doing nothing but allowing you to buy from them and making them even more money but at least here I actually get something for my extra money.
I refused to sign up till that deal came along just for the principle of the thing.


I have been a Prime member of Amazon for years, by having a Prime membership and a Amazon 6% cash back credit card, I can get usually overnight shipping for free and off set the 6 % sales tax by using the credit card. Prime is only 49.99 a year for me because I have a son that still has a College e-mail addy .edu , so I get all the Prime videos and free 2 day shipping which usually comes overnight, and they deliver on Sun. You cant beat Prime.