Slowed Down ripping of Cds on DVD burner



A couple of years ago I asked for some help regarding why my CD ripping slowed down, and someone very nice gave me exactly the answer I needed than. Of course I did not write it down anywhere and the problem has returned.
As I recall, the answer had to do with a setting the OS (Win 7) placed somewhere when the DVD burner encountered a series of problems with troublesome media. You then had to go in and change something, and the speed picked right up again. I have tried to recall the place where the settings s/b changed, but to no avail.
This was not a software issue involving, for example, alterations in ITunes or something like that - it was a setting buried deep within the OS.
Thanks to anyone who knows about this and where I go in the OS settings to make things right.


Hi, welcome back :slight_smile:

I’ve found the thread with the info you’re after, assuming you’ve not sorted it by now - it’s this one here.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


You might take a look at this post & the links:

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