Slow Writing SPeeds with 24102b

Greetings everyone, I just purchased the 24102B lite-on burner and I’m getting very slow writing results with it. I’ve tried Nero and Easy CD and a couple other programs. When burning at 24x it takes about 11 minutes for a 74 minute CD. I tried dropping it down to 16x without burnproof and got hte same results.

I have a amd k6-2 500 cpu w/ 384 SDRAM and an ata-100 card in my system.

when you got slow writing speed was it when you were copying on the fly

I was burning mp3 files from the hard drive to CD (not on the fly)

thats weird
how fast is your hard drive?

You probably have not enable DMA for the drive.

The hard drive is a maxtor 40 gb ata-100 5400 rpm drive
im using Windows XP and DMA is enabled

Are you burning an Audio CD from MP3? If so, the cause is most likely that your CPU can’t decode the MP3s fast enough to keep up with the burner (I have this problem, in fact).

Try burning just data cds and see if you still have the problem. I did, and I found that if I set the CDR/CDRW to Autodetect and LBA in the bios, things sped up quite well.


I’m having somewhat of the same problem. How do you enable DMA mode?? Thanks in advance. Peace.


In Win XP … to enable/Check for DMA : Right Click on My Computer \ properties \ hardware tab \ Device manager button \ choose the SCSI, IDE ATAPI controller \ if your drive is on the secondary cahnnel then choose that \ right click \ properties \ advanced settings tab.

In stead of Right Click \ properties on my computer you can press windows key + Pause/Break buttons

winXP is a real pain for writing cdrs

I have given up and use winME
far less problems.