Slow writes on 3500AG 2.18


A few weeks ago i have bought a new burner 3500AG. I have found out that the write times are slow. For example 1842 MB of data (4 files) it takes about 5:31 time (8x Speed DVD+R Disc). Shouldn’t this be faster ? Using Nero What could be the problem. I thought that Nero was faster but don’t know for sure.


Burn a full DVD and then report the write time…

I will post the results tonight.


I have made a full burn on disc (4.7). Took 9:53 time. Is this normal ?


Yes! :wink:

I thought 4.7 GB was going under 8 minutes.

On NEC drives
4X approx 15 minutes
8X approx 10 minutes
12X approx 6:45
16X approx 6 minutes

you forgot my favorite speed :sad:

6X approx 11 minutes

it is actually faster on 6x and 8x burns in my 2500 than my 3500 by about 1 minute because the 2500 doesn’t do the aopc.

you do need to understand that the first 20% of the burn is done at 4x and from 20-50% is done at 6x and then only from %50 on up is written at 8x

the percents are of a FULL disc not a partial

Can this be changed ?

can what be changed?

if you mean the AOPC then yes it can be turned off but is not a good idea.

Ok thanks for the info

:slight_smile: no problem