Slow write speeds with PX-W4012TA copying on the fly

I am having problems writing cds “on the fly” with clone cd. I have a 40x burner but when i try to copy a cd with clone cd it only burns at about 12x. I can write files quickly that are read from image files. I can also write at 40x using nero to copy cds “on the fly”, but nero cannot copy copywrite-protected cds. My cdrom is fast enough to support my burners speed. I have no idea what is wrong. Please Help!:bow:

yes it might be fast enough to support it but if your reading a game that has errors on it (i.e. safe disk v2) this is likely why you can’t burn that fast on the fly.

besides it is recommended that u make image to hard drive first, then burn it to a cd!!!

good luck

Although my dive can read at 40x it only reads to an image file at 8x.:frowning: