Slow Write Speed?:o(

Tried everything, but to no avail…

Have a Creative 12.10.32x Writer…
XP Pro
256 Ram

My problem is the writer will never write at more than 4x… For music and Data… If I try at 12x, the buffer under run is up and down like a yo yo, so, in fact, it is slower than using the 4x option…

Can somebody advice a tormented pissed off soul how to rectify this problem…

Much appreciated


Obviously the writer is waiting for it’s data. But how and why ?

You got an 80 gig harddisk , and those babies usually have enough performance and speed to supply the buffer of your writer with enough data. But you could check out if the througput of the 80 gig is enough. (Checking dma , via drivers , etc).

Then there may be interference with other programs. Is some viruscanner scanning every damn file before it gets to the buffer ? Perhaps the disk is so fragmented it takes an hour to get them to load. You can check with Nero if the speed and throughput of the disk is enough for writing.

If everything else runs as smooth and fast as it has to be , but only nero has the problem , try another burning program to check if they have the same problem. (DiscJuggler , CloneCD , CD Mate or perhaps the freeware BurnAtOnce).

Mr. Belvedere… A huge thanx for ur fast response

Up to now, I have uninstalled;

a) (Standard IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers) Primary and Secondry
b) VIA Technologies, Inc.

and reinstalled etc etc…

I have a run a test with Nero CD Speed, and its write transfer is telling me a write speed of around 3.4x, which I roughly worked out myself…

When I mentioned 80GB, I forgot to say they are 2 40GB Drives,
however, C Drive, which houses XP and appz, still has over 33 GB free…

I have also swapped the page.sys over to D:\ (slave) to free even more resources on C:, + I have tweaked the performance to run as System Cache, to allow large appz like Nero, to have priority in use…

As for other software, I will try Discjuggler as I have it on CD… but, with the experience I have, which is not that great, say, intermediate… I am running out of ideas:confused:

If u have any other ideas please let me know…

This has been bugging me for months:a

Look forward to ur reply