Slow wav file

i got mp3 files and after converting them to wav the first file seems slow all the others are OK

However after converting the first file from mp3 to wav, the wav file has a bleep in the beginning and then plays very slow, with of course a very low bariton voice of the singer.
The mp3 itself plays normal

Is there a way to fix this problem
Can anyone help me out here


Convert MP3 to WAV fully, try Ufony at

Ufony Audio Format Conversion Features:
Input Audio/Video Formats: MP1,MP2,MP3,WAV,WMA,WMV,ASF.
Output Audio Formats: MP3(MP1/MP2),WAV,WMA.
Full decode and high-quality encode.
Conversion between different sampling rates, bits per sample, stereo/mono channels support.
Batch conversion support.
Auto-rename when save.