Slow VCD/SVCD Ripping Speeds With CloneCD

Hello! This is my first time using CloneCD. I normally use Nero. Anyhow, is it normal to take approximately 10-30 mins or so to rip vcds/svcds? My drive is the Benq 1650P DVD-ROM. It is set as master on the secondary ide channel. My third harddrive (Maxtor 160 GB 7200 RPM DiamondMax 9 Plus 133 ATA/UATA/Eide) is used as a storage/backup drive for my raid 0 array drives. This drive is set as master on the primary ide channel. My WD 36 GB Raptors are my raid 0 array drives. They run off the Promise FastTrak S150 TX4 SATA RAID 4 Port Controller card.

In WinXP Pro, all of my drives including the Benq 1650P have UDMA mode enabled/selected. So, I’m good to go there. All of my ide cables are Antec Cobra round 133 ATA cables. I see no obvious problems with them. No dust or damage to the pins. The cables are snug and firmly attached on both the drives and mainboard ide channels as well.

Mainboard is Abit AT7-MAX2 rev 1.1 with latest Bios. Cpu is Amd Athlon 2600 333 DDR Thoroughbred core. I have 1.5 GB of Muskhin PC2100 DDR ram in slots 1-3. Cpu and ram are not overclocked.

What’s funny is that the Benq 1650P actually does a good job of ripping DVDs (all formats that I know of so far). In fact it rips them in around 15 minutes or so depending on the length, quality, format, etc… of the DVDs. I would think that it should be able to rip cds like vcds/svcds in less time. Another interesting twist, in Nero the same drive rips vcds/svcds faster than what I got in CloneCD.

Almost forgot that I’m running the official and latest Benq firmware of 1.23 on the Benq 1650P. Is there a firmware that removes riplock speeds for this drive if that turns out to be the problem? The twist here would be that I’m actually satisfied with the drive’s DVD ripping speeds, but not the cds/vcds/svcds’ ripping speeds.

Any help would greatly be appreciated! Maybe the problem is also using the proper CloneCD configurations/settings. As I’m still new with this software, I’m uncertain as to which settings are best for particular cds/dvds formats when it comes to reading/writing. Thanks! Later.

This is the perfekt Profil:

[CloneCD ReadPrefs]
[CloneCD WritePrefs]

Thanks JackiRipper2000! Now I’ll have to learn how to implement that profile. I assume it’s opening up the profile stored in the program’s directory. When I get the chance I’ll make these changes and see if it helps my problem. Thanks again. Later.

I am a bit puzzled by the term “rip” when applied to (S)VCD, as these discs do not have any form of protection on them, and if you are after the mpeg files use Isobuster or VCDEasy, which does the job in no time.

Sorry about the terminology Inksaver. When I say I want to rip a disc it usually implies that I want everything from the disc not just the mpeg files. I want a working copy if you prefer. Copy would be the better word here.

Hmm! I recalled copying some svcds awhile back with Nero, and Nero stated that “the disc is copyrighted or something along that line.” They were audio svcds (international karaoke type stuff).

OK got it now. The only “commercial” VCD I have come across are from W. Africa, and they do not even know how to put menus on, let alone protect them! I use the apps mentioned to rip them, remove adverts etc., add menus, and effectively make a new VCD to my liking.

In the case you mention then using CloneCD or similar makes good sense