Slow usb2 and firewire transfer rates

on my Compaq p4 3.2 laptop with 1 gig ram im getting a real hard time getting a good transfer rate from its usb2 or its firewire ports. mainly any external dvd writer will only burn at max 6x (around 8ksec.) very strange issue as my desktop has no issues with the external writer speed. Ive used two different enclosures too. any one else have a issue with this?

hmm… my usb2 rates suck on my laptop. I’ve been using usb2 via a cardbus and anything over 6x gives me lots of underruns and I’ve been thru about 6 usb2 cases for hard drives and optical drives, and the chipset in my card is nec, so no idea what’s up. My firewire has been working much better… much much better and I can burn at 8x as long as my hard drive isn’t fragmented. I can burn on a firewire burner from a firewire hard drive no problem. However, when I try to rip with a dvd rom, my speeds max at about 10x. I don’t think that’s any fault of the case, as I’m running oxford 911, I think its more the fault of the firewire chipset built into the machine. Mine registers simply as OHCI compliant firewire blah blah. what do ur chipsets register as?
o yeah, I’m running p4 1.8m, 512 ram

8MB/s, not 8k. I think that is about the limit with notebook hard drives and USB/1394. I didn’t have much luck with my Banias 1.6GHz notebook which has a Hitachi 5.4K rpm HDD.

I have two notebooks, a Dell latitude and a HP Pavilion, which can easily write at 8X through the 1393 or USB 2.0 port to external 1394/USB 2.0 DVD drives which I put in external enclosures. I even did a drive speed test and it said it would write at 16X+, whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but it will write at 8X without issues. So I think that the notebook drive output rate is not the problem, unless it’s an older laptop.

i’m burning a 4.3GB disc in about 9:30. I’m running a P4 2.0Ghz, with 512 MB RAM. I have my NEC2500a in Belkin 2.0 Enclosure. I was previously having problems with I/O errors but for some reason, everything is ok now and I’m not having any problems. I try to defrag at least once a week. My transfer rate is ok but when I’m burning, I can here the rate increase from 4,6 to 8 for the final burn.

I’ve made very good experiences with the transfer speed of my Oxford911 enclosure - burns 8x with no buffer underruns from my desktop. However, I did experience problems with the BenQ 822A+ in it - especially when it comes to PI/PO scans. Can you guys with external enclosures run error scans?

Yes, no problems with kprobe.