Slow transfer speed



my system is a gigabyte motherboard with aintel i5 760 on it and western digital 640 gig hard drive and a lg bh12ls38 blu ray burner.i burnt a bluray as data and filled it with wma music files it burnt ok and looks good on speedtest but when i try to transfer the music as wmas back to hardrive its very slow like 8 megs a second.any ideas what may be wrong?


Can you do a Transfer Rate Test (TRT) with Nero CD-DVD Speed, or Opti Drive Control, and take a screenshot of the graph? This will tell us where the bottleneck is.


sadly i cant i just installed linux mint on the pc. i meant to dual boot but made a there something on linux i can do>?


i forgot to say its a sata drive and on sata ports on mobo hardrive is sata to


Uploaded with


Is DMA enabled?


been so long do i need dma with a sata drive?


checked as it said dma 5


did my scan look ok?


Your TRT looks normal. ODC is not having trouble reading from your drive at full speed. What program are you using to copy the files? You may want to try running ATTO or similar hard drive speed test.


i just drag and drop them in windows 7 64 bit


[QUOTE=iseecoasters;2621998]sadly i cant i just installed linux mint on the pc. i meant to dual boot but made a there something on linux i can do>?[/QUOTE]

Program called dvdisaster can do a TRT test and print a nice curve. Should find it on repos.


[QUOTE=iseecoasters;2622135]i just drag and drop them in windows 7 64 bit[/QUOTE]Are we talking right button drag and drop>copy function? It would be interesting to see what you get using ImgBurn to create an ISO on your hard drive from the Bluray disc. If “save imgburn graph data” is checked in it’s settings, it will save a graphical record of the rip that can be viewed by setting ODC as the default graph viewer on the same settings page. Assign a custom folder to store the graphs in like C:/IBG graphs.


yeah i right click then select all then just drag the files to a folder on deskttop il try the img thing soon as i get rest of system backed up


useing img burn as above but i cat find the place to save imgburn graph i dont see a place to click it


not sure if this is what you mean?

Uploaded with


It looks like the read ( Rip ) speed on that LG is limited to 8X.


is there a way to get rid of the limet at 8x? i saw riplocl but i cant find a firmware for my drive


Your drive is reading at it’s normal 10x. Riplock is not a factor with burned discs, it only applies to commercial copy protected movie discs. How long did it take for ImgBurn to create the iso from your disc? Go into ImgBurn settings to the graph data tab and make sure “capture graph data” is checked, choose ODC as default viewer, and change default folder to custom, click the folder icon, assign saves to a new folder like C:\ImgBurn Graphs. Since it has generally been a bad idea to copy files to the desktop, try opening “My Computer” and create a new folder on your C drive, then copy from the burner to that folder. You may also try disabling your antivirus to see if it is bogging it down. Did you test your hard drive speeds?


sadly forgot to check harddrive speed but will after i check how long it takes to make image in doing it with a 22 gig disc