Slow transfer from USB-drive

Hi folks,
I just can’t get my head around this problem that occured some time ago. All of a sudden I can’t read DVD’s from my external DVD-drive faster than about 12x. It used to work flawlessly, but suddenly this problem was there. I’ve tried with several DVD-burners, problem is the same. What could cause this? The drive is connected via USB2, and I had no problems before. This is very annoying to say the least. Thank you for any advice.

By the way, drive works fine on another computer. So it must be something locally on my comp, it’s an Acer 8204 laptop.

It is possible that a recent driver update or addition of another USB device has dropped bandwidth. Also, it is possible that power settings have caused a drop in overall throughput (the Full Performance operating system power setting on my old laptop was the only setting in which I could hit above 12x or 8x, depending on drive).

You should probably also make sure nothing is taxing the system in the background, which might account for a slightly poorer performance.

Albert, thanks for the reply. I only have one other USB device connected, and that is a wireless mouse. I disconnected it, and I’m now trying a new scan as we speak. What is that power setting you mentioned?
Nothing at all is running in the background, I’m running XP at a minimum with all unnecessary services disabled and no system tray applications running.

A little update, disconnecting the USB mouse didn’t help.

Well, another observation, I don’t have any problems burning DVDs at 16x, so transfer rate shouldn’t be the issue here. I’m just clueless…