Slow transcoding with nero vision express

I am learning to edit my mini dv home movies. i use windows moviemaker 2 to edit and save videos in dv-avi. then i author my dvd either with sonic my dvd 4.0 or nero vision express 2.0. with sonic my finished dvd freezes momentarily and pauses between each video chapter. with vision express they playback smoothly, but transcoding takes about 4 times longer. is this normal? Would i be better off using tmpeng for transcoding? I really don’t want to have to buy any more software.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

man, i am finding a simular problem with transcoding times in nero express, and i am also using raw DV footage right from my canon XL1s and Pani GS400. But transcoding vidoe clips from other sources, like out of premier pro or from other DVDs, it’s alot faster. For example, I did this test:

  • took 30 minutes of captured video from a DVD
  • took 30 minutes of live footage from DV cam
    and the transcoding times to create a new DVD where as follows:
  • 4 hours
  • 25 hours
    a big dif!!!
    what to do?

My transcoding is a 7 hour job for a 4 gig slide show. This is not what I had expected.

Wow, just watching the process here toward the end of the slide show. Transcoding the fancy transitions is what takes the time. I have 3700 slides in the show, and some of the 99 photo segments have no fancy transitions due to lack of DVD space. Those simple ones fly by in a flash.