Slow Toshiba DVD Burning

I have the Toshiba SD-R5372. Its supposed to burn 4.7 dvd’s @ 16x.

I have blank Memorex and Verbatim dvds that are made for that speed. I have updated the firmware via the toshiba website, but i only burn dvds @ 4x.

Nero only gives me the option to burn 4x. but when i burn with DVD decrypter i have the option to change it to 16x. when i do, it still burns at 4x.

what’s the deal?

Memorex is sometimes crap, but Verbatims should burn at 16x IF the drive/firmware supports that and the SOURCE can deliver the data fast enough to the writer.

The Toshiba SD-R5372 has an oversensitive OPC from my experience.
I often had trouble burning any media at the full 16x speed.
Check my review (link in sig) and this thread:

Nero only displays supported write speeds in the firmware.
DVD Decrypter displays all write speeds, but that doesn’t mean that you can actually use them.
Your discs might not be supported in the firmware.
Please post a dump/screenshot from DVD Identifier or CD-DVD Speed Disc Info.

ok, here are the two screen shots of nero cd-dvd disk speed and dvd identifier. i know they show the media is only 2x-4x, but i did just purchase the memorex dvd’s and on the package and right on the disk they say 16x.
my dvd burner also specifically says 16x for dvd-r’s. i just went to the toshiba website and updated the firmware.

what else could i do? burn speeds never go above 4x… :a

diff media be an option?

AM3 again.
Write speed Descriptor only for 2x and 4x. :frowning:

Maybe you need something like TYG03. Try proven media. Both product names and MIDs are important to tell how good they are though that’s not all.

Just the usual stuff=

Installed right?
UMDA2 or 4
Bios settings
Update all your MOBO and drive FW!
Set Nero memory usage to max(80) and disk space to (999)
delete DLA and incd from your system
Update nero
On and on and on!lol

what do you want me to do with “UMDA2 or 4”, and “delete DLA and incd from your system”? i am unfamiliar with these terms.

also, what does “AM3 again.” mean?

and what is “TYG03”?

-thank you for help

Check this out:…%20

Real TY with mediacode TYG03.

Device manager=look at IDE advanced for what your drives are tagged.
Boot into BIOS and make sure your IDE channels are AUTO/DMA/??
Update your BIOS from your MOBO site!
Go to uninstall programs and remove DLA and INCD if it is there//INCD=Nero packet//DLA=SONIC packet.

Nice site Chef!


this site is just great.
Sure, you cannot have a guarantee for all comments made there, but normally you’ll get a very good info about drives, media, even all kinds related to video & audio.
Same counts for doom9, BTW.

Thanks for the screenshots twsted,
You can ignore the suggestions by etp, your settings should be fine.
The screenshots show that your drive does not support the Memorex 16x DVD-R discs at the proper speed.

In your first post, you also mentioned that you also have 16x certified Verbatim media.
These should work at the proper 16x speed, but as I stated in my first reply, the Toshiba usually slows down the writing speed due to an over-sensitive Optimal Power Control.
We could learn more about what your drive is doing if you put in a Verbatim 16x DVDR, opened up Nero CD-DVD Speed and used the “Create Data Disc” function.
Then post the screenshot here.

Well normally FW will fix that, but you must always make sure that your software and FW are current for the drive so it will burn the media at it’s optimum speed. That may not be 16X in this case! However I wonder if you have a deeper issue! Always make sure your hardware is set up correctly in your system! Your system will slow down if it is set up incorrectly!
I would never diagree with Wesociety! He da man to say the least! But make sure your whole system is set up correctly! That starts with your BIOS and works up to device manager as well as cabling and jumper settings on your drive. All may be perfect/but check it anyway!

If it will burn any media as in any media at above 8X then you probably have everything set up ok! Will it?

LOL. Thanks etp.
I know the CMCMAGAM3 discs are not supported at full speed with the lastest firmware because I have checked myself. :slight_smile:
I have this drive and these discs. :wink:

ok, turns out the verbatim disks really are only 4x. i coulda swore they were at least 8x.

anyways, is it possible to burn 16x media at 8x?

i’m going to try and get the Taiyo Yuden disks when i get around to it. the problem is probably just crappy memorex dvds.

thank you so much for the help. i’ll post my results with the Taiyo Yuden disks when i buy them.

-Preciate all you help! i really do

That shouldn’t be a problem.
But could be that results are better when they are burned at 16x instead of 8x, or maybe at 12x.

No, the problem is Toshiba’s media support.
They do not support the discs correctly.
Most other drives support these discs at 16x or 12x at least.

Ok, i just purchased the Yaiyo Yuden TYG03 16x DVD-R. And guess what…they burn at 16x! Just gotta have quality stuff for this burner.