Slow speed with DW-Q58A

Hello everyone :cool:

Can’t tell if this used to happen before as I don’t burn DVD’s often.
When I burn individual files or image files on a DVD, regardless of the speed I choose, it always begins at 2.0x.
Then, when halfway through, it goes to 4.0x and sometimes to 6.0x even though my writer can go to 8.0x

I use Verbatim MCC 03RG20 media (16x max).

I have a DW-Q58A burner on an Dell Inspiron 6400 with firmware UDS2.

Here is the last burn graph :

Is this normal? Any ideas? Thanks!

Ideas? Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Kamansan,

Perhaps reviewing the 3 below referenced Web Pages that explains Constant Linear Velocity (CLV), Constant Angular Velocity (CAV), Zone Constant Linear Velocity (ZCLV), and Partial Constant Angular Velocity (PCAV) will be helpful in explaining what is occurring with your Sony DW-Q58A Optical Drive ->


I guess people think if it took you 4 years to post then your in no hurry now for help :wink:

but anyway i have that drive in my lappy and i would suggest you getting or building an external drive. In other words i don’t think it’s a very good burner at all. If you plan to keep using it i would go with older Verbatim (8x) or Taiyo Yuden (8x) media.