Slow Speed Recording CD-R

Hello! I have a DRW-1004IM CD/DVD burner. I can burn DVD’S at the right speed, but at the time of burning CD-R’s, no matter if it is an audio or data CD, and no matters the brand of the media either, it will always go up to 20X fast, and then will slow down until 16X, until it finishes burning.
Can anybody tell me a hint as how to deal with this problem, please?
The second question is that absolutely ALL CD-R’s that I burn with video files (MPEG4, AVI, DivX…), when played on my Bellagio DVD player --which supports these formats-- will freeze between approximately the 7th and 10th minute of the reproduction, forcing me to advance a little the video using the Fast Forward control of the player. After this, the video won’t freeze again. It’s always once, and within that range of time above mentioned. It doesn’t happen with burnt DVD’s. Only with CD-R’s
Thanks in advance, and regards to all.

Some info:
Roxio Media Creator 7 (updated)
WinXP Pro SP2
Athlon XP Pro 1,7+

I have a feeling you need a firmware update badly.

Can you please, tell me how to do that? I’m sorry that I don’t know how to to it, even when I’m not a “newbie” in the computer’s world. But relly, about firmwares…hmmm.
Well, what I can tell you is that my firmware is 0047, according to reported by Control Pannel. And the burner says to be made by Top Glory Electronics, which by the way, seems not to have any website or way to keep in contact with them. Very nice! I produce and then, let the consumers manage themselves with the problems as they can…

updating the firmware should not be a big Problem, you can easy update the firmware under windows, u just have to download and run the firmwarefile from BTC Firmwarepage (see my sig).

be careful when you have nvidia ide drivers installed, this can cause problems during the flash process. if you have installed nvidia ide drivers uninstall them before flashing.
when you don´t want to uninstall the ide drivers is the more complicated DOS flashing the more secure way.

before flashing check the dma status (must be enabled) and defrag your HD (can also be a reason for slow burning speeds)

to your problem with vcd files, try to burn with nero, i had a similar problem with vcd burned with roxio software–> nero was the solution.

Good…Update already done using LiveUpdate. Speed increased a little. Now I can reach 24X. But I paid for a drive which should reach 40X. I have tried different kinds of CD’s and there is no difference.
Should I use the hammer next??? :a Or is it better to give it back? :slight_smile:
Regards and thanks.

Hello back!
So…nobody has any idea of what the problem could be, after my last post?

Ok, sorry I forgot to say it the last time…HD was defragmented before applying the update. But I must confess that I don’t know what the DMA is and where to check that. :confused:


Enabling/ Checking DMA In Windows XP, 2000, Me, 9x by womble.

Thank you very much for the help :bow: …I went where indicated, and I found DMA is enabled. :slight_smile: What could be next to check? :confused:

Try it alone on the IDE cable. It might not like its master or slave.