Slow, Slow, Slow

I purchased DVDfab Platinum a few months ago, and have been backing up a bunch of my children’s movies. I love it!! However, recently the program seems to have slowed way down. It used to take only ~30 minutes to decode and burn a DVD (the wholeprocess from start to finish), the last few times it is taking almost 3 hours… and today it has started to crash my system half-way through the process. Is this my DVD reader, or something with the program? Please help!

Check DMA , drive may have switched to PIO …
Also make sure you don’t have too many running apps/processes…

okay, tried the DMA thing, all of the Primary and Secondary were all selected as “DMA if available” I have no other applications running (well, except Explorer at the moment). It is extremely slow whether I have anything else running or not. When checking the DMA/PIO thing you mentioned above, I noticed that one of my Secondary Channels, showed the transfer rate as PIO, even though “DMA if available” was selected. I am currently backing up a disc, it has already been 1 hour and it is only 40% done. Thanks in advance for the help:)

Then you must follow the advice in the above link & uninstall the seconday IDE channel & reboot.
Alternatively use the script in my signature to reset DMA correctly.

After the burn process please post the log… see link for DMA reset above thanks to Timc

I used the link above to reset DMA… it works great now! Back to how it was originally! Thank you so much for your help! You guys rock! :wink:

Also in DVDFAB Plat. there is a reset dma button also in common settings

Hey jimbo ,I forgot about that one! duh! :o
Glad it worked chulita… :wink: