Slow slow slow

I have been copying/converting and burning etc for a few years now.Im having a small prob at the moment and need some help.
When im burning from the harddrive to dvd-r everything works fine about 5 minutes for a 4.3 gig onto disc at 16x.
But when im copying on the fly with Nero jeez 20 mins was the last one!!
Im using a brand new lite on Dvd rom drive.
And a brand new Philips Dvd 8701 writer.Ultra Dma mode 2 is enabled for both drives i have tried another Dvd rom and its still the same so it must be a setting somewhere.
The drives are set as master and slave on the jumpers,should i try them both on cable select?
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Its strange that it burns ok from the harddrive,its the same with clone dvd as well so it must be something to do with the reading.
Forgot to add
Windows xp with sp2
Pentium 4 3.4ghz with ht
1024 meg of ram
Maxtor 250 gig hard drive

So are the reader & writer on the same IDE cable? If you answer Yes then that’s why on the fly takes so long.

For on the fly to work properly the reader & writer MUST be on separate IDE cables.

Yes mate they are.Time to open up the box is it?Any ideas on the best configuration then.The hard drive is on one channel by itself and both optical drives are on the other set as slave and master.
Thanks for your reply.

If you have two IDE channels on your MOBO and a SATA HD then install a burner on each one! Unless you have an IDE HD, then you are probably as good as it gets! One master and slave per channel. I like to keep my HD on a cable alone. Just me!

I have the IDE plugs available, but I simply choose NOT to do on-the-fly. It’s almost never a good idea, so I just got into the habit of never doing it.

Same here. While my hardware is consided abit long in the tooth by some, it gets the job done, and I prefer to have the backup on my hdd as a file directory or image file for a few days to tinker with it as my needs dictate. This way I can burn when and how it suites me best.

Anyone else got any ideas

I too concur with some of the other posters not to burn on the fly, I think this increases your chances of something going wrong with the burn. There is no time saved if you have to do it again, including the price of a wasted disk.

Just one comment regarding the cable select setting. If you ever use this setting on any device you must make sure you have 80 wire ide cables, not the standard 40 wire.

As you’ve been told on-the-fly copying is generally not recommended. A friend of mine does it alot without any problems & I’ve done is on occasions but I guess it depends on what the source disk is.

If you want to do it then the DVD-ROM goes as slave on the primary channel & the burner as master on the secondary.

This will slow down copying to the HD from the DVD-ROM but then you can probably use the DVD writer on these occasion.

It really depends how you’re going to use your system as to how you set it up.

Copying on the fly with Nero is a bad idea.

I use CloneCD and it works great here.

Ditto! CDs only in that mode for me!