Slow ripping with 109



I bought a dvr 109, it would hardly ever finish a burn so I sent it back and recently got it back in the mail. Nothing but perfect burns now but ripping a dvdr to HD takes 21 to 22 minutes every time and I have a plextor 708 on the same channel as a slave that can do the exact same disc in 8:30. I have no idea what else I can do any help would be great. I cross flashed it to A09 1.40 and made sure limit read speed was off and performance on. I know for a fact it had no problem ripping dvds in under 10 minutes before I sent it in but now that I get it back and the burning side is working, the ripping side takes forever now. :confused:


I’m having exactly the same problem, and my drive is new. Ripping is very slow, though writing seems excellent. Is this a widespread problem?


make shure you have udma enabled and you are uisng 80 wire ide cables.

other than them obvious checks, no idea.


Buy a fast DVD-ROM for ripping - always the best choice IMO.


Problem fixed!!! Thanks for all the advice (here and in other threads in this forum). I rechecked the drive jumpers and the dvd was set on slave, while the other hdd was set on “cable select” (both on the second IDE). I set the dvd to “master”, the second hdd to “slave” and now it rips brilliantly! Using the new 1.50 is sustains a rip at 12x. Yay! Now I may try flashing to A09XL firmware.


I checked the IDE cable and UDMA again, its 80 pin and on UDMA Mode 4. It is set to master and the plextor is slave, the plextor can rip the exact same DVDs in 8 minutes where the pioneer takes 22 minutes. The 109 will speed through the disc until around 60% then drop down to 1.2x and stay there not sure what else I can do or try. Seen as I already sent it back to Pioneer once because it couldn’t burn and now that works but it can’t rip anything in under 20 minutes, I guess I will RMA it for a plextor or something. EDIT: Funny thing is right at the end of the read at like 92% it speeds back up to rub it in my face again sigh. Also I just put 1.50 fw on there and that didn’t help any. :sad:


Im suprised nobody here has told you that the 109 is locked to 5x ripping and the A-09 can rip at 12x ( i think its a joke a drive can write at 16x but not read back dvd-/+r at same speed btw).

You can cross flash your drive to a A-09 safely and rip at 12x after you set it up with the quiet drive utility.


I’m not sure about rip-lock with the 1.50fw. I rip successfully at 12x speed with a 109 (now that I’ve sorted out the jumper issue).


I seriously doubt outside neros test you will, try ripppin a dvd in ISO mode using the free dvd decrypter you will get 4-6x max approx, until you make your drive a A/09, ive been there i wondered why it showed 12x+ bit more in neros tests.


Quoting Humeboy:

“Im suprised nobody here has told you that the 109 is locked to 5x ripping and the A-09 can rip at 12x”

Quoting the first post from this thread:

“I cross flashed it to A09 1.40 and made sure limit read speed was off and performance on.”

COugh COugh :o :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:



Did you crossflash your drive to A09 BEFORE or AFTER the repair?

In case you did it before the repair, it’s possible that the drive returned with “regular” 109 firmware… maybe it’s not even the same unit?

Just in case, you could try to reflash the kernel to A09 then upgrading to 1.50 again… :confused:


Ya I cross flashed it back to A09 (1.50) when I got it back from Pioneer.


It wasn’t a nero test. I really did rip a full DL dvd at 12x with a 109 with the standard 1.50 firmware, using DVDdecrypter. NOT crossflashed to A09.


If this is the case, then your saying pioneer have removed the riplock with this new FW, other can do same then.


Update: I tried ripping a few more dvds with the standard 109 1.50fw. Some were fast, but some were quite slow - starting around 2.5x and never getting above 5x. Then I flashed to A09 1.50 and the rip speeds doubled for those slower dvds! Averages around 9.5x, and max 13x.


Ripping speed is also a factor of how heavily the disk is encrypted. Perhaps thee’s a way to create a ripping speed test disk—pehaps a dual layer—that would have no encryption, but be packed with data. Burnable media (rather than pressed) probably rips slower (faster?) so it might not be a real world test. But then what is, short of actually ripping something?


In nero cdspeed, long ago it used to make a test CDR, you had to use a 650MB though even though 700MB was mainstream at this time, i guess you can now do it with DVD’s i not looked as not really needed to.


Open Nero CD/DVD Speed, then in RUN TEST tab select bottom setting >CREATE DATA DISC, i aint got any media in drive but i guess it can be a CDR or a DVDR, i think nero will make it a DVD-ROM so it can rip full speed as we know the 109 wont read dvd-/+ as fast as it does for real dvd-roms, which is dumb as it can write them at 16x and NECs can read them at 16x.


Thanks to all you guys, I was having a similar problem with my 108, it was working perfectly. Then I had to do a re format and fresh win install and found that:
Ripping a 7gb disc was taking 1 hour 30 min
Burning a close to full Layer 5 disc was taking 32min

following what I read here I found it wasn’t set to DMA and after changing it just ripped a 4.38 disc in under 6 min
Burnt it (8xdisc) in 9 min

woo hoo, back to normal.