Slow Ripping Times

So mainly what i used for backing up are Dvdshrink/Anydvd Mainly in a combination together my writer is a Plextor PX-716A Im concerned because of my ripping speeds. In average it takes about 25 Minutes to rip to the hard drive. From what I read the Plextor had good ripping speed but close to a half hour is a very long time. Was wondering if that is normal or not


Im using CloneDVD2 and Anydvd and I can rip and burn in less time than it takes you to Rip the DVD to HD.

Sony DVD-ROM AND NEC WRITER as Shown in my Sig.

Has this always been the case for you ripping DVD’s or has it just been happening Recently?

So far my fastest is still with DVD Decrypter. the dvd im testing is about 4GB decrypter to rip to the hard drive is taking a little passed six minutes from DVD to hard disk. doing the same test with Clone DVD it estimates 26 minutes to complete. as far as having these problem with this specific system and configuration yes I have always had this problem


if you can post some pc spec as well as what versions of anydvd and clonedvd your using. What speed is your Ripper/burner?

Has anydvd got speed control enabled? check in settings.

Also you say it estimates? have you actually ripped a dvd using clonedvd or just seen the estimates? Because clonedvd always starts off with a high estimate but normally within about 30 secs or so they drop dramaticly to the correct time which i find can be anything between 8 and 14 mins depending on size of DVD to be copied.

Are you mixing up ripping and ripping/recoding? DVDDecrypter just rips to the HD. Shrink and CloneDVD will read from the discs and recode as they rip. This always takes longer, even for SL discs.

First of all thanks guys for trying to help me out or just plain understand what’s going on so I will do my best to answer both of your questions

  1. Any dvd

  2. Clone DVD newest trial from there site

  3. System Specs

AMD 64-3200 Venice core overclocked to 2700 Mhz
a Gig of Corsair running at 300mhzx2 600mhz
Ati X800L 256Meg
hard drive Western digital Raptors in a raid 0 AKA Striping
dvd burner Plextor PX-716A
cd burner Plextor Premium
by my specs as you can see I should no have any kind of a performance issue

  1. speed control is unchecked

5 estimates I have actually waited a good 5 minutes with the times not dropping

The disk I have been testing with is a single Layer disk an older small movie a little over 4 gig in size

“am I mixing up ripping and ripping/recoding”

Yes quite possibly I am again before I ever used decrypter I was using any dvd and dvd shrink in combination. and to make a back up it takes about 27-30 minutes on a single layer for it to copy it to the hard drive. same thing with Clone DVD same think with making an image file with Nero or Alcohol 120 Then low and behold with decrypter this particular dvd that was taking about 27 minutes is not taking 6 minutes with decrypter then just for testing purposes I put the output files of decrypter through dvdshrink then shrink takes about 2 minutes to process the files. Another words if I use decrypter first to rip and then use shrink with the files are on the hard drive I get a transfer rate of about 40 meg a second. If I only use shrink and let it read the disk and let shrink to everything I get a transfer rate of 2500KB a second making the whole operation about 27-30 minutes on a 4 gig dvd. So if I am mixing them up very well but still 27-30 minutes that seams so long


I also have a Plextor DVD burner and have noticed increased ripping time from the TDK dvd burner that it replaced ( about 8 mins longer fer plextor)
Plextor has a feature that enables it to slow down to guarantee a good rip copy…though it can be disabled…first of all…in anydvd check drive control and select fast and noisy…
second…before you insert your dvd for ripping…press and hold the eject button for 3 seconds until the led blinks 3 times then release…then insert your dvd and open up anydvd and your favorite ripper…then begin ripping…it has increased the ripping time for me but I am still in the 25 min range start to finish using Anydvd and DvdShrink…

Some movies take a tad longer…good luck…

if you are using a PX716a you will have to turn on speed read. This Is Done By holding down the eject button with the door closed for 3 seconds the light will change colors and speed read is enabled. I own a Px716a and it out rips every one of my other burners. Your next alternative is to upgrade your processor for this will also speed up your encoding speeds


Yep, your Spec is more than enough to handle DVD Ripping and Burning so that shouldnt be an issue.

Just to confirm what chas0039 Said,

Dvd Decrypter Just Rips The DVD to Hardrive. Reads and copies DVD info to HD thus such a quick time for completion.

It Does not Recode The Information to fit to a single layer DVD like CloneDVD thus Being Quicker.

In my experince 8 to 14 Mins to Rip/Rip and Recode. Then it takes an additional approx 8- 12 Mins to Burn to DVD thus total time to Rip and Burn in around 25mins. Which is about as quick as you are going to get.

Most DVDs Ive Backed Up have Taken Around 25Mins with or without Recoding/Compression using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD.

27Mins-30Mins for just Ripping/Recoding the DVD with CloneDVD2 is TOO Long. If thats the Case then Try Complete Removal and then Reinstallation of the Software. I find that normally sorts issue out with Software.

Also make sure other DVD Copying Software is not running while using CloneDVD as Sometimes Conflicts can cause issues.

just enable speed read and watch it go

Awesome guys really awesome something have changed that’s for sure I basically changed my any dvd settings to fast and noisy and holding the eject button dwn. Before I was averaging 2500kb with shrink and now it’s up to 7200KB that is awesome a huge increase and I can live with that. have not tested with clone dvd yet but will. Again guys thanks for all the support I really appreciate it

alpha, is there a reason your anydvd is not up to date? is the current version, just so you know!

I have the same nd-3830A burner as Superburn and it takes me an hour to and hour and a half with dvd shrink to rip a dvd to my hard drive. my friends can do one in about 20 mins or so. why is mine taking so long? and what can i do to fix it cause it really pisses me off.

I dont know the drive, but my NEC 3540 i could add a modified firmware which makes ripping faster.

sorry i meant to say that i have a nec dvd±rw nd-3530a drive. Where can i get the firmware at. not really sure how all that works