Slow ripping speed just 1.5 ARRRRRR

The max i can get out of my MSI dvd rom when ripping using dvd decrypter is 1.5,if i rip using my MSI dvd burner i get 6x,i do not mind but it means using the burner all the time,can anybody help.specs are
K7N2 Delta series Nvidia nforce chipset based
2800 amd athlon
msi dvd rom
msi 4x burner
40gb hdd(operating system)
90 gb storage)connected to ata 133 raid card
120 gb storage) connected to ata 133 raid card
2x liteon 52x burners.
Also noticed burning speed is taking longer when burning audio cd.:confused: :confused: :confused:

Some dvd players have " ripping locks " , allowing to rip complete discs only to a certain speed (usually 2 or less). Toshiba also has this.

I suggest searching for a new firmware at

also remember that css protection slows down the ripping speed

Let me explain. I have a retail dvd that is NOT css protected (monty pythons life of brian, single layer single sided)

using dvd decryptor i can rip files off it at 6.8-14xish speed using my acer 1640a2 (pioneer 116f rebagged)

Now if i try to rip monty pythons holy grail (another single layer single sided but this one is CSS protected) it only rips at 2.4-5ish on the same drive.

Aside from that there are some dvd drives that do rip slower. But doing css decryption on the fly slows it down ALOT (and i have a p4 3.0, 1gb of ram with hyperthreading so its not a slow computer issue)