Slow ripping on new PC

Hi all
I am a 100% Newbie as i have yet to burn my first DVD, well I want to get it right so Im just investigating so far.
I have just built a new PC (see specs below) including my first DVD writer. I decided to start my DVD writing career by copying Paris Texas directed by Wim Wenders (Starring the oh so lovely Natasha Kinski). Using Nero Recode (Version i selected the main movie, stereo and 5.1 sountracks, Nero informed me that the main movie would be compressed to 66% of it’s original size. During the ripping and compression phase I stopped the process at 25% as this had taken over 30 minutes. I tried again just ripping to my HDD this time not using the fit to disc option to see if it was the compressing that was slowing things down, but this took the same amount of time.
I have had a look on the net and can find lots of threads reagrding firmware upgrades to improve media compatability, but very little about improving ripping speeds.
I have checked DMA settings, the DVD is on it’s own IDE channel, and nero is set to use high priority. Any suggestions as to why it is going to take me two hours jus to rip a DVD on this otherwise very quick PC, would be greatly appreciated.

PC Spec is:
Shuttle SN85G4
AMD-64 3Ghz
512Mb 3200DDR (Corsair)
Maxtor 160Gb SATA HDD
Sony DVD Writer DW-U18A, Firmware is UYS1
3D Labs Wildcat VP990

Hey ThunkTank- welcome to the wonderful world of optical disc burning.

I can’t claim to have firsthand knowledge of Nero Recode, but 25% at 30 minutes does sound quite slow for the system specs you listed. I would suggest trying a different product to rip the movie to your hard drive as this will help determine if your problem is with the Nero software, or is a more general issue. I reccomend the free DVD Decrypter which you can find in the ‘download’ section at
This will rip out CSS and Macrovision protection and copy the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive. In my experience, the process should take about 20-30 minutes tops with a similar configuration to yours.

I had planned on trying some other ripping software; at the moment I am sceptical that I will see an improvement. Looking on other threads it would appear that Nero Recode is not causing any speed issues and in some cases has proved to be quicker and more reliable than other ripping software. Still I will give other software a go and post the results back here. Thanks for your help btspm.

Just ripped same DVD, with DVD Decrypter (Version 3.2.2), time to rip 13 mins. Looks like Nero Recode is the problem after all. I must appologise for being sceptical.

Try using dvdshrink, its fast and free and always give me good results.

Final Results.
I upgraded Nero Recode to the latest vesion, this improved ripping and compression times down to about 35-40 mins, but would not rip protected DVD’s. Downloaded DVDShrink, as suggested, which rips and compresses in around 15-20 mins, including protected DVD’s. Then I use nero to burn, currently at 4x as this is the only media I have. Once I have some 8x media I should be able to rip and burn in around 30 mins, then only 10 mins for any additional copies.
Thanks to everyone who helped me getting started DVD copying, your help is much appreciated :wink: